Bless you for your sign

To the editor:

God bless you Levi Harvey for your sign.

You are a young boy but you have your heart in the right place. Many, many older people do not have your wisdom! We know wisdom comes from God — the only Perfect One!

Most of us know that song from our youth, “Red, Yellow, Black or White, all are precious in His sight.” All Lives matter and things aren’t going to get any better in our world until All People realize that fact in their hearts.

If people would just do what our police ask them to do when they are caught breaking the law, there would be no shootings. Instead they are often rebellious. Our police are our only protection we have from lawlessness. Life would be hell on earth wihtout our dedicated police officers. We all need to be praying for their protection so they can protect us! Think on these things.

We should all be praying and thanking God for our Wonderful Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Without prayer our country is going to be like so many others — war here on our precious country!

Our thanks to our many police officers. May God be with you and protect you.

A very concerned citizen,

Bobby Jean Belue