Memorial Service much appreciated

To the editor:

I am writing the city and county of Union in appreciation of the Memorial Service that was conducted at Veterans Park on Memorial Day. My wife, sister-in-law and I attended the Memorial Service in Memory of their brother PFC Henry Lankford.

I am (Retired) SMSgt James L Barnwell and my wife is Patricia Lankford Barnwell, my sister-in-law is Frances Lankford Milbrodt. I was raised in Cross Anchor before I enlisted in the United States Air Force. My wife and sister-in-law were born and raised in Union.

I really appreciate all that was done in memory of the 16 young men that gave their all for our country. I know all the Gold Star families that were able to be there for the Memorial Service were thankful for what was done for their loved ones.

The military protocol and the speakers were really fitting for the service. I give the City and County of Union a Well Done for what they did in memory of the 16 young men.

(Retired) SMSgt James L Barnwell

Florence, SC