Templeton will protect gun rights

To the editor:

We hear a lot these days about gun control.

But what some people fail to realize is the right to bear arms isn’t up for debate. It’s explicitly stated in the U. S. Constitution. Our Founding Fathers recognized how important this right is and ensured it would be protected. Catherine Templeton knows this, too. As governor, she’ll do everything she can to protect our gun rights.

Being from South Carolina, I’ve grown up around guns. My dad and I used to go hunting. He taught me to shoot my first gun. His dad did the same with him, and I intend to do the same with my kids. Guns aren’t the reason for all the violence happening now — it’s people who are responsible for it.

Taking guns would be harmful to our country. We’d lose the ability to defend ourselves and our Constitutional right to bear arms. Changing laws won’t change anything. Criminals disregard the law. But law-abiding, God-fearing citizens who carry will be affected when they can’t defend themselves or their property.

It’s time to move forward and adopt Constitutional Carry so we can protect ourselves against those who disregard the law. With the governor’s election coming up, we need to make it our priority to vote for someone who will fight for our rights. Catherine Templeton is the candidate who will protect our gun rights.

Thank you.

Dale Patterson