Parnell supports public education

To the editor:

I was born and raised in South Carolina. I went to public schools from K-12 education in Columbia, to higher education at Midland Technical College, Clemson, USC, and Charleston Southern University. I am now a teacher in the South Carolina public education system.

As a resident of the 5th Congressional District, I am writing to express my full support for Democrat Archie Parnell because of his strong belief in public education and his stance against school vouchers where the money does not follow the child is common sense. He will fight against taking money from public education funding through the use of school vouchers and other such nonsense programs that have proven nothing but financially beneficial to institutions while actually not being educationally beneficial to the student. He also wants to protect Pell Grants, make college more affordable, lower student debt, and invest in technical and vocational training to bring back working class jobs to our communities.

I implore my fellow citizens of the 5th Congressional District to vote for Democrat Archie Parnell on both the Democratic Primary on May 2 and the Special Election on June 20.


Robert Griffin

Rock Hill