Union County needs Sheri Few

To the editor:

President Donald J. Trump could one day be known as one of the greatest presidents ever. He has the skills to accomplish the goals he promised Americans. But he needs like-minded people like Sheri Few in Congress to help him. He cannot do it alone.

Sheri Few, like President Trump, believes in limited government. President Trump and Sheri Few believe the federal government should be returned to its Constitutional boundaries. That move alone would solve many if not all of our problems, and save massive amounts of money in the process.

Just have the federal government do what it’s constitutionally REQUIRED and ALLOWED to do and nothing more than that. Simply adhere to the 10th Amendment.

I just saw Sheri Few in two debates I attended. Sheri came across as well educated on the issues (all of them) but not like a rehearsed “stump speech” we hear from career or establishment politicians who only want our votes and then they are gone. Sheri came across as genuine and concerned, and not afraid to challenge her opponents. Recognizing with President Trump’s win we need to in her words “Seize the Moment” and not wait. Let’s get it done NOW, we may not have another opportunity such as this one.

Union County, you voted for Donald Trump for president. If you don’t care if your vote gets wasted you can vote for another candidate or party or establishment politician for the “same old same old” and things will never change.

Remember the “Good Old Days everyone always talks about, even here in Union County? Where people were happy, optimistic, employed, hopeful, Godly, and moral. Earning their own money and independent, instead of depending on what the government is willing to hand out. Isn’t that why you voted for Donald Trump to make “Union County Great Again” or maybe even better than it ever was.

The Bible says Almighty God appoints our leaders and in shocking fashion he just appointed a non-politician thru grassroots efforts into the White House. Sheri Few falls into the same category. Lets pray Almighty God continues this trend and moves you the voter to send her to Washington, DC to “Drain the Swamp” and right the wrongs of decades of abuse and self-enrichment by political insiders, while “We The People” have suffered, especially places here in Union County.

When I moved here with my family in 1993 there were mills everywhere. Now, a short 24 years later, there are only piles of rubble. They even stripped the mills of anything of value and left us the trash to clean up.

There is so much more that could be said, but to close I’d like to request that Almighty God please continue to bless, protect, and guide President Donald J. Trump.

And to repeat, President Trump needs Sheri Few and many more like her in Congress to ensure success. And Sheri Few need your vote to get there.

Thank you,

Lou Aste


P.S.: Visit SheriFewForCongress.com

P.P.S.: The primary is May 2; the runoff May 16; and the general election June 20.