Norman not a career politician

To the editor:

There is a special election primary May 2 to replace Mick Mulvaney who left the Fifth District Congressional seat to join President Trump’s administration.

The Fifth District is huge, there are many candidates running and time is short to learn about them all, where they stand on the issues, and what their background is.

My choice of candidates is Ralph Norman. He is not a career politician. He is a businessman who believes in term limits, balanced budgets, lower taxes. He was given an A+ rating by the NRA and the same for the SC Club for Growth.

I would not be encouraging a vote for Ralph Norman if I did not know that he is an honest man who would like to see the corruption wiped out of government and will fight for that end. He is the best person for the job.

Whatever you decide, get out and vote May 2. If there is a run-off it will be May 16 and the election will be June 20.


Nora B. Lewis