Why I’m voting for Chad Connelly

To the editor:

In the race to replace Mick Mulvaney in the U.S. House of Representatives, I am proud to put my support behind Chad Connelly. Chad is a great example of a concerned citizen running to stand up for his beliefs. He has never held an elected office, making him unstained by Washington and its culture of corruption. Some may look at his resume and see a lack of experience, but he is no novice. He has spent the last decade articulating his beliefs and the values of the Republican Party.

Chad previously served two terms as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, a tenure that saw the GOP maintain its majority across the General Assembly. He currently serves as the Director of Faith Engagement for the Republican National Committee; he is the only person to hold such an office in American history, as this post was created specifically for him by then-Chairman Reince Priebus. In this position, Connelly has travelled to 40 states and spoken to more than 80,000 pastors and religious leaders about the need for people of faith to get involved in the political process.

As a Conservative, he is pro-2nd Amendment, opposes raising the debt ceiling, wants to cut taxes and regulation, and create more jobs (he is a small business owner himself). He has promised to introduce a term limits bill, and vowed to not serve more than twelve years himself.

As a Christian, he is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-God. Family values is a key component of his campaign. The first time I saw Chad was at a strategy session on how to reduce the number of abortions in our state (via the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act), and the next time I saw him speak was at the We Stand With God Pro-Family Rally. While many will say their values guide them, Chad has proven time and again that he is driven by conviction, not political expediency.

It is an honor for me to support Chad Connelly for the House, and I encourage everyone in the 5th District to do the same.

Tommy Mann