My Facebook account was hacked

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Let’s talk about hacking: I was wondering what people get out of hacking Facebook. Mine was hacked Tuesday. So today I found out what they do it for. I have not won any money!!

They took my picture and messaged friends on Facebook and said I did, so one friend that called me, told me she believed it and sent $300 by money order. She even called them and talked to them. Now that the money has been sent they aren’t answering her calls. I wish she would have contacted me first.

So the law came and talked to me today about it. Maybe with all the information that she has the law has special forces that might be able to investigate. But we believe her money is gone.

Anytime you win money and it’s for real, you never have to send money. Please use common sense, and if they put my name in a message ask them a personal question that you might know about me. Like the name of my son or daughter, for example. I am very seldom on Facebook, also.


Sympathy goes out to Betty, Holly, Freddie, Phillip Porter and brothers and sisters of Horace Porter who passed away Friday evening suddenly. I had to work and didn’t get to go to his memorial, but I can remember all the good times we had years ago, when I was in the family here on visits. And the wonderful surprise when he and Betty came to Michigan for a visit.

Sympathy goes to the Jordan family. Sunday I was told that Terry Jordan passed away, Mott and Jerry’s brother.

Trouble Sleeping

Well one of my days off last week, I decided it was time to rearrange my bedroom. So everything ended up on my bed, even things from the drawers. I needed to decide what would go to the Salvation Army, my Hospice box, trash, and new places in my room that is more convenient for me.

Well the older you get you need to take a few breaks, so at the end of the day, I still couldn’t find my bed, so I decided to sleep on the love seat. Now I’m 5’3” and still too long for a love seat. So I curled up in a knot, then stretched my legs out over the arms of the love seat. My head was up on the other arm. Well my cat decided he would be my pillow so Gina took a picture of us and my cheek is resting against this furry pillow. My other cat decided she would be my cover and laid on my side looking me in the face.

I got up at 5:50 am, wore out.

Well the next few nights I got out of work at 9:30 at night and it was just too late to work in my room. So all week I slept on the love seat, but I shut the door so I didn’t have any little visitors, and slept a little better. So much that Gina said the one night I started snoring. Now that’s a good sleep.


Charlene and Dennis Broome took Jeremy and John to Spartanburg Sunday to visit with Dolly Broome, she’s doing well and is out of the wheel chair and walking with the safety of a walker. Saturday night she called Charlene (who was at the supper at Lockhart Freewill Baptist Church) and Charlene let her talk to a lot of her friends that was there, Dolly enjoyed that time so much.

Grouchy Picture

The line at the motor vehicle bureau inched along for almost an hour until the man ahead of me finally got his license.

Studying his photo he told the clerk, ” I was standing in line so long, I ended up looking pretty grouchy in this picture.”

“It’s OK,” the clerk reassured him. “That’s how you’re going to look when the cops pull you over.”

Well, also, you might have to check the Wednesday or Saturday paper for my article. Sometimes I get out of work so late that I am too tired to write for the Saturday paper so I’ll do it on an earlier day so that might make it for a Wednesday. So just read both days cause you never know where I might be.

Now I’ll say goodnight. Valentine’s is coming up real soon, so if you want to contribute to the Seniors’ Box, let me know. Call me at 1-864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist