Dinner at the Shrine Club and cleaning a shed

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Scott Harris won the closed bid on the ’04 Ford Ranger truck, that the Town Hall sold. The winning bid was $1,262.50. We held this at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 5.


I picked up the paper on Monday and had the shock of a lifetime. Brenda Adams’ death was in the obituary. I knew she had cancer, but she was so cheerful and seemed great when she came in for a perm. It seemed like it was just a month ago. I’ll really miss her, she had such a great personality and always so sweet and kind.

She used to work at Smith’s drugstore, and I met her at CVS, while she worked there. She noticed the purse I was carrying. It had women sitting under hairdryers, and she asked me if I was a hairdresser, and the friendship began. My sympathy goes out to her family.


William Vinson and Gene Sprouse have a birthday on Aug. 9; Pid Palmer and Hunter Plemmons on the 10th, Tammy McKnight on the 11th; and happy birthday to Gonzelee Childers, Ila Johnson, on the 12th of August.


Happy Anniversary to Ted and Marva Garner on the 9th of August.

Dining At The Chester Shrine Club

Chuck and I had dinner Saturday night at the Chester Shrine Club with Marvin and Anita Montgomery, Lynn and Sammy Webber, Jay and Glenda Reardon, Tommy Keenen, and Rev Jimmy Harper. The Shrine Club serves a steak dinner once a month, the food is good and the company also.

Vacation Bible School

Don’t forget that Wesley Chapel will be holding a one day Vacation Bible School, on Saturday, Aug. 8, which if this article is in the paper on Friday, that means VBS is tomorrow morning from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Everyone is welcome.

Breathing Life

A woman in my office recently divorced after years of marriage, had signed up for a refresher CPR course.

“Is it hard to learn?” someone asked.

“Not at all,” my coworker replied. “Basically you’re asked to breathe life into a dummy. I don’t expect to have any problems. I did that for 32 years.”

Cleaning A Shed

What a day off I had this week. I got up at 7 and washed two loads of clothes, didn’t get to dry them, because I wanted to get outside before it got too hot.

I have a big room that I call a shed, it is attached to the side of my house. And as happens to a many of us, it starts to get neglected. So my job was to clean it, but I decided to move a file cabinet (big) filled with tools (heavy and old) from one side of the room to the other. It took me over 1 hour to shift this thing from side to side. I kept wondering if I should call Chuck, (Golly I needed a strong man). If the floor was paved evenly it might have been easier, but my Dad paved this years ago, because it was just an open space with a dirt floor.

After getting the file cabinet in place, I had to move the work island. Well anyway, I moved three big items. Then cleaned out an old gym locker full of things men can’t live without and women can, plus homes that dirt dobbers built, is that what they are called? After going through boxes that have been saved for 14 years, and getting rid of most of the stuff, I finished this place at 6 p.m. Then I managed to weed eat and cut the grass (well all I have is dry dirt and weeds).

When I was ready for a shower, and food that I had not had all day, who shows up but Chuck. All he could do was make fun of how dirty I was. So I sat outside and visited with him, and kept complaining how hungry I was. He left about 8:30 because he’s hooked on Big Brother’s House.

When I came in I finally finished the wash. I told Gina that on one of my days off I just want to sit and watch movies. That will never happen.

At The Movies

We did make a movie at the Spartan 16, Monday, we watched Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. Very good and lots of action. So I did do something different this week.

All The Answers

These students have all the answers:

Scene: History class. Question: Name a famous explorer. Answer: Dora.

Scene: Science class. Question: Why would we not see meteors if Earth had no atmosphere? Answer:Because we’d all be dead.

Scene: Second grade class. Question: How can we show respect to others? Answers: If you have a piece of meat, you shouldn’t give it to anyone else if you’ve already licked it.

Scene: Social studies class. Question: What does right to privacy mean? Answer: It’s the right to be alone in the bathroom.

These came from the Reader’s Digest and I thought they were cute.

Well good night, until next week and call at 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist