Not glued to my cell phone

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

As my friends know, I am not glued to my cell phone. Therefore I do not text, don’t know my password to check my voicemail, don’t know my phone number, and only think it’s for emergency calls. I only carry it if I’m going somewhere, otherwise it sits at home. Chuck makes fun of me for the amount of money that’s on my phone, because I just buy a card every three months.

Cracked Glass

So anyway, the other night on our way back from Spartanburg, his friend Alan texts him, and since Chuck loves his phone, he wanted to answer him, the phone glass is cracked, and it’s dark and he’s driving so he handed me the phone to text Alan.

Well, every time I tried a letter it came up another letter because of the cracks. So I got out my stylus pen (Why would I have one when I don’t text? For the pen). Everything I printed had wrong letters. Like I tried to tell the reason was because of the crack, and it came out Cracks Ed. Another one came out as ay. After about five text messages that were crazy, all Alan could do was say ok. But the next day he and Chuck had a good laugh. Chuck told him I’d been drinking and that’s what happened. The truth I just don’t text.

10 Minutes

We went out to eat at Blue Bay and the wait was 10 minutes. How big a deal was that? I told Chuck 10 minutes was not a long time, so just sit and wait. But what I didn’t understand was when we got in to sit, there was a lot of empty booths. And quite a few still waiting their 10 minutes. Maybe they didn’t have enough waiters. I don’t know but the food was good.


That’s another Chuck story: Chuck bought one of those books that has different coupons in it for places to eat. Now he’s of course in Union, and most of the places are in Spartanburg, Greenville, Tryon, Greer, well anyway, most places are a ways off. Union is just a Waffle House, La Fagata, I think that’s it. So anyway, he was never going to get his $20. back. But I found Blue Bay and they had two coupons. I also found Midway for chicken stew, so that’s his dinner another time.

That’s it, really I hope the money for the book went to a good cause. Because it’s wasted on us.

Clemson vs. Alabama

I’ll just bet most of you watched the Clemson game on Monday, last week. I told Chuck it put me in mind of Clemson and Ohio. It seemed that Clemson couldn’t catch a ball. At one point Chuck put his shoes back on and was going home. Then the action got started and it was an exciting game.

Now you all know that I don’t really know anything about football, but I’ll watch it. What I do know is whoever catches the ball, gets tackled and everybody falls on top of him. But in this game, Alabama guys were so big ( looked like pro players), they didn’t jump on Clemson boys, they just picked them up and moved them to whatever line they wanted them to be on.


My condolences to Margaret Braddock, for the loss of her husband Bud, this last week. Pat Mathews lost his wife, also.


What about the snow?? Everyone was getting ready. I even told Chuck that he had to take me to Walmart Saturday to pick up a prescription since he had a 4-wheel drive.

Well it was sleeting when I went to work at 7:30 a.m. and my back porch was slick. About 8:15 we had a light snow flurry. Around 10 it was gone. But Chuck took me to Walmart anyway and I told him I sure was glad he was driving because I didn’t want to drive on the ice. Of course this was all in jest.

But this Weekend we had summer. Yea!! I had to turn the air on at the shop, it was in the upper 70’s. I’m sure we’ll get our winter sooner or later. But I’m enjoying this so far.

Valentine’s Day

If you want to help put a smile on the face of some seniors at the nursing homes for Valentine’s Day, buy contributing gifts for their bags. Word Search, sugar free candy, something cute. You can bring it to my shop and I’ll put it with the things I have for Medihome to pick up. So far I have 12 word search books. Thank you to the ones that helped.

Also, remember if you want paper shredded call me and I’ll set you up. Let’s see what else, I also have those tasty pecan rolls for the Shrine Hospital at my shop, they’re $1.00. And I have Ann Steven’s Skinny Diet Pills.

Well so much on my life, I’ll say good night. Call at 1-864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist