New Year’s, football, and Facebook

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Happy New Year!! And I didn’t make a resolution, because in a couple of weeks I’d forget what it was. I asked all of my customers and not one of them made one. This is the first year that nobody wanted to make one.

Football Vs. Facebook

Did you all enjoy New Year’s Eve? Boy, I really did. Chuck came over so he could watch the Clemson and Ohio game on ESPN. So as most of you know by now I have no idea what really goes on with football (now Gina can talk to you all day on any sport, but not me). But being the gracious host I try to be I sat glued to the TV, watching every move.

I looked over on the couch at Chuck, knowing how much he likes Clemson, and what do I see?? He’s having a good time chatting on Facebook, and not watching this game at all. He said he doesn’t like games that are all one-sided. In other words, Ohio didn’t get anywhere near scoring. Now if I was in Michigan, we’d be thrilled, because we are rivals with Ohio.

Then we sat and watched the post game for a half-hour and Gina came in and said you know this is just the post-game, and she said Chuck’s still on Facebook and says “Oh yeah, you can turn it if you want.”

Awful Performance

By 11:30 p.m., we finally turned the channel to Ryan Seacrest for the ball drop. I got to see the awful performance of Mariah Carey. I don’t even know how she spells her name, but I do know she was terrible. Of course she always thinks she’s all that!! That’s all I heard on the radio and TV the next day, about her performance.

Loud Noise

The only real excitement of the evening was when someone set off a bomb, or so it seemed. All of us in and around Lockhart heard it (How do I know this? Everyone on Chuck’s Facebook started commenting). My front door shook, as if someone was on the other side pounding on it. Tammy Red said her windows shook. Mandy, over on Old Union Road, commented, etc.


So by the time you read this we might have snow on the ground.

This is really Thursday, but snow is supposed to start Friday night and go on through Saturday. I have to be in Lowry’s by 8:30 a.m. on Monday and I really don’t want to drive in any snow. My snow days ended in 1979, when I moved to sunny South Carolina!!

Oh, as all of you have heard over and over from me how beautiful the snow is, but it is so cold and windy. We always stayed below zero. We dressed for it and didn’t know there was sunshine anywhere. We never got to miss work and very seldom was school out. Michigan is called “Winter Wonderland” in case you didn’t know. Anyway!!!

New Sign

I put a new sign up in the shop and I want to share it with you, some of you might get a laugh and understand my humor,

It says, “Do not ask me for credit, because you don’t plan on paying me anyway!” Everyone’s been laughing about it in the shop, but of course my freeloaders haven’t been in to read it yet.

Let’s see if I grew a backbone in this last year. No, they’ll just move on to someone else, probably.

A few years ago, I had a similar sign that read ” I promise to talk about you, if you owe me money.”

If you have worked at the same place for many years you know when you are going to have a payday, but after your service you say “Oh, I thought I was getting paid this week but I’m not getting paid until next week, so I can’t pay you.” And next week never comes. That’s it!! I’ve got most of it off of my chest.

At Walmart

Went to Walmart Monday, and what I wanted was on the top shelf, in the very back. Of course I’m 5’ 3” and the shelves are 6’.

So I looked around for someone tall (which I’ve done many times). And I will ask a stranger. But I saw an old friend way across another aisle and I hollered for him to help me. I can’t say who he was or we may not remain friends (he doesn’t like his name in the paper). So after coming to my rescue he helped me with the rest of my mission, in case something else was up high.

We ran into Paul Inman, well not really, I just called “Hi Paul” and started a conversation. He’s trying to enjoy retirement, but with Karen’s broken arm, it’s hard getting started.

Shredding Business

Oh yes, my friend and I are starting a shredding business. If you have papers that need shredding and you don’t want to do it, just call me and I’ll give you a cost as to the amount you have. Call at 864-545-6652.

Skinny Diet

Also, Ann Stevens brought me a display on the Skinny Diet, so if you are interested come in and see me, also. She has the pills and also a liquid to take when you go to bed to lose weight. I’m just getting into everything, ha ha.

Seven Years

Back to the paper thing. We’re supposed to keep bills and receipts for seven years. It’s a pain when you start to get rid of them. So we’re just trying to help you out.

Must close. but I’ll write more next week. Call if you know anything you want printed. 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist