Thank you for all your help

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

I want to thank all of you that helped this year with the MediHome Hospice Christmas. Some brought gifts of throws, clothes, personal cleansing items, word search books, etc. And some contributed money, which I had a very enjoyable time spending, Wednesday.

I waited close to the end so I knew what they really wanted for their gifts. I spent all of the $240, that some of you gave me in the past few months. I spent it at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General, and let me tell you I had 240 gifts in the trunk of my car.

They told me the seniors loved teddy bears. I bought about 30, 20 globes, powders, deodorants, shaving stuff, denture stuff, creams, coloring books, crayons, pens, word search (which Melissa told they were crazy about, also. It gives them something to do when they’re just sitting around.) Well there was so much more, people would get behind me in line, look at my two buggies and move to the next line.

When I got through, I counted the money and still had $60 left, so I went back into Dollar Tree and spent it all and more. Now I’ll start on next year.

Some of these elderly haven’t any family, so this shows them they’re loved and thought about. If you could just see the look on their face when they see what they’ve received you would know what a wonderful, thoughtful thing we’ve done.

Another Favor

I like to help at Valentine’s Day, by giving word search books. Medihome fixes bags for four places. Last year I took some stuff that was given to me — oh not as much as Christmas — and I went to Family Dollar and bought what they had in the word search books, which was only 20.

So anyway, what I’m asking is, if each one of you would buy one word search book and give it to me, by Valentine’s, maybe we’d have a whole bunch. And for every book I will furnish a pen. You don’t even have to be one of my customers, just drop one off at my shop. Thanks for listening.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!! So my cousins sent pictures of home (Flint MI), on my Facebook. It looked beautiful.

Then some sent pics of the cars sliding and stuck. So icy!! Blowing and cold!! Chill factor — below zero!! And we’ll be freezing with our 20 degree weather. I left my water dripping at the shop, so maybe my pipes won’t freeze.

If I was brave enough I should put on a bathing suit, lay in the yard, and send them a pic saying “Happy December — in the South.” Of course I wouldn’t tell them it’s in the lower 20s.

Even if we didn’t have snow the week of Christmas, when Christmas morning came it never failed that the ground and trees were gorgeous with snow. That’s the only life I knew, until I moved to the Sunny South.

So I have my wonderful memories, but then it’s wonderful not shoveling the car out of the driveway,before you could go to work. And since I worked 2nd shift, my doors on the car would be froze and I’d have to fight them to get in the car.

Sewer Project

Well, I haven’t had any volunteers to help me with going door to door, getting the info that is needed for the new sewer project. Ailene is getting me the names to go with my addresses of who lives where. I sure hope I get a day off to come and visit all of you. This is very important so you won’t be charged with hookup. I am supposed to get it done by the first of the year, and I just received the papers.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for Doc and Myrtis Young, he’s home now and Hospice will be visiting him everyday now.

Pray for Lester’s family, Lester’s house burnt Sunday, and he passed away from the smoke. The paper said this was the first in 18 years, and I hope the last.


Julian Cudd came in for a hair cut last week, and I really had missed him for months, he’d been really sick for a few months and I didn’t know it. He’s doing so much better now.

Had a wonderful visit from Bobbie Sue Revis, who dropped by to chat and give me some wonderful pecans, one day last week.

Really enjoyed it when I saw Joan Little coming up my walk today, it’s been too long since we’ve had a chance to talk. But it’s never long enough. One day!!

Moved Back

I heard the Pam Foster and Jean Canupp (sisters) have finally moved back to Lockhart and bought Billie Rae’s house on the highway. Yeah!!

Christmas Shopping

This is the last weekend that I will be taking Chuck Christmas shopping, let’s hope we can get something done this time.

Gina says she never gets a surprise for Christmas, and she always picks out her gifts. Well I think that’s the safest way, so you don’t take anything back.

So I decided since I had an eye doctor appointment in Spartanburg Monday, I could find her a surprise gift. NO, she decided she’d go with me. Then she said since she went Monday she wouldn’t go to Spartanburg on Wednesday so there was my chance again. No, Wednesday she decided we’d go to Rock Hill.

So let’s see if Chuck will do some serious shopping with me Saturday. And I have a hunch that Saturday he’ll go out and buy himself something that I got him for Christmas. That’s my luck.

It’s one in the morning and so it’s time to say good night. I have to work tomorrow. Please call me with some good news. 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist