The float contest and ‘Angels Among Us

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Last week I said that the float contest would begin at 2 p.m. Well that’s been changed to 2:15 p.m. Please have your floats completed at that time. We need time to look them over and judge them and be back in the center of town before 2:45 p.m.

Well I said we, but all I’m going to do is pass out numbers for you to put in your vehicle side window so the judges can mark them down. The judges are from out of town and do not know you, so you’re fair game. Ha, ha.

The plaques will be for: Attractive, Original, and Best Theme. The winners will be announced at the Festival of Lights after the parade in the Lockhart First Baptist Church. I hope we have a lot of participation.

The parade will be on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 3 p.m. All vendors are welcome.

We’ve been having our parade meeting every Monday at 10 a.m. at the Town Hall. Besides the parade we are trying to replace bulbs in the street decorations, and get the memorial angels in order. Which brings me to the next issue that I have been requested to print.

“Angels Among Us”

Fees for each angel are used for purchasing plywood and/or paint in order to maintain appearance. Angels and racks are replaced when necessary. We also replace lights and drop cords from time to time. The remaining money is applied to the power bill acquired during the Christmas season.

Let’s all do our part in proudly displaying our “Angels Among Us” by paying the yearly $10. fee. If you don’t have an angel for your lost loved one and want one the first time fee is $20.

Vandalism has been a problem in the past. We ask for patience when repairing or replacing items damaged or destroyed. Help us help you by reporting these unfortunate acts to the Festival of Lights Committee by calling 1-864-545-2103.

Being fair to those who pay the yearly $10. Angels not paid for will be removed.

Weed Eating

Well I think I was the last one in the neighborhood to cut my weeds, I mean yard. I think the grass season’s been over with for a while. But since I stay on the run I am hardly ever home. But Saturday, Tammy and I went to town after work, got a few groceries, and really hurried so I could get home before dark, which is quite early.

I made it in time, but it got dark before I was finished.” (5:30 pm.) I was guessing as I was weed eating as to where my flowers and weeds were separated. I always think I’m running behind, because it gets dark so early.

Well don’t look at the back yard, I’m bragging but only got the front yard and a little of the side. I’ll try harder when I get another free day.

This is the time I grew up with. Dark early!

At The Drive-In

As I was growing up, drive-in movies was the thing that families did on weekend. My mother would make a big bag of popcorn, put my pj’s on me and my dad would take us to the drive-in. All the kids there were ready for bed, but we got to play on the rides until the movie started. They had water boats, trains, just all those great old kiddie ride toys.

The movie started around 6:30, and by 11 we were back home. Well I was asleep in the back seat, probably by the 2nd movie. Then when I was in my early 20’s we had this daylight savings time, I went to the drive-in and didn’t get home until 1 a.m., my mother met me at the door and hit me in the head with the phone book ( not like a Lockhart book, Maybe as big as Spartanburgs book). She couldn’t believe that two movies took that long. We just had a hard time adjusting to the new time change after all those years. The movie didn’t start until 9 p.m. See the difference.

Remember In Prayer

Linda and Dee Watts really need your prayers. Dee had cancer and is not doing well at all, and Linda’s wearing herself out. People forget about the caregivers.

Pray for Jeryle and Brandie Smallwood, I think they’re moving him to a restorative care, and pray that Brandie stays safe in her travels every day to Greenville.

Add Doc and Myrtis Young, he’s doing better this week.

Church Trip

Wesley Chapel Methodist Chaperones are taking the youth to Pigeon Forge this weekend. I hope they have a great time and decent weather.

Mystery Indeed

One of the great unsolved mysteries of life is how you can get 24 pounds of leftovers from an 18-pound turkey.

Well, short but sweet. Well maybe not sweet, but I am going to say good night. Thank you to by customers and readers, I appreciate every one of you. 1-864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist