Lockhart Christmas Parade Dec. 4

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Our Lockhart Christmas Parade will be held at 3 p.m. on Dec. 4. Barry Canupp is our leader and he says if we don’t start getting people to come to our meetings and help put this on, this will be his last year. And I hope this will not be out last parade.

Our meetings are on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. at the Lockhart Town Hall. I am one of the guilty parties this year. I’ve had other appointments, elsewhere at that time, but I am changing them to the afternoon. Last year I was faithful.

Last Monday, I made it home at 10:30 a.m. and was going to the meeting, and there were a lot of cars there, and since we usually have four of us, I figured something else was going on, so I went to the post office and someone there said the meeting was canceled until next week, Ailene had a different meeting. Well later I found out that since Barry’s threat of quitting, quite a few different people was at this meeting. So I was the only one missing it. But I have located parade judges and am keeping you up on the parade.

The judges want the floats to be ready for judging at 2 p.m. You may think this is too early but it takes time to check out each float and then get back into the crowd before 3 p.m. So if you want to be judged please be ready by 2 p.m. Then at the Festival of Lights the winners will be announced.


Well this is the first year since being on council that I missed the Veteran’s Day Parade and Ceremony. The Spartanburg Police put on a stunning performance for the fallen soldiers. They did this last year and I heard they were doing it again. It was very emotional.


Ann Trakas told me that the Adult 2 Sunday School class at Lockhart First Baptist Church, are going to Myrtle Beach on Monday and coming back on Wednesday. They will be seeing Carolina Opry and Legends.

And if you are looking for Mary Kay Products, Ann Trakas is your dealer.

Thank you all for the suggestions on collecting the charges that my customers don’t want to pay. And how to not take credit anymore. But sometimes you don’t know they are not going to pay until after the service. We’re talking over $300 in all.

A Tale Of Two Targets

Went to Target ( my favorite place) Wednesday to return a shirt that came in a box, which we never opened. They wouldn’t return it because the tape looked like it was retaped, which we bought it that way. They said it was Target policy, but we could exchange it for the same thing in the right size, see this one was too big. There wasn’t anything in a size M. SO, what did I do? Drove 15 minutes to the Target in Greenville, went to the returns, not one problem, and it was put back on my credit card. So Targets must be owned by two different companies, with two different policies. Out of curiosity, I went and looked at the boxes of these shirts (at the 2nd Target), and there was a box that the bottom looked like it had been torn into, and one the shirt was in backwards. So which store would you shop at??

Chester Shrine Club

Chuck and I went to Chester Shrine Club, Saturday night, first time in a long time since he changed shifts on his job. It was Marvin’s birthday, also. The gals that work there came out and sang to him, but what was so cute was, they started out looking at Chuck, so Chuck pointed to Marvin, people get those two mixed up a lot. They should have been twins.

The steaks were great. This is the first Saturday in the month. and it’s on Presley Rd. The time starts at 6 p.m. Steaks are $15. And they have a great salad bar. Anyone is welcomed. Speaking of food, we’ve been getting suggestions for several fish camps and even their menus. Thanks to all of you.


Zack Turner and Casey are getting married today at 6 p.m. at Lockhart Freewill Church. Just thought I’d tell you in case you don’t know.

Birthdays And Anniversaries

I haven’t done birthdays in a while, so here goes: Nov. 16t — Patsy Fowler, 17th — Butchie Allen and Judy Johnson, Jimmie Ruth Gibson on the 20th. Pat and Tina Fowler have an anniversary on the 22nd.


Dolly Broome’s address is Windsor House Assisted Living, 850 John B. White Sr. Blvd, Spartanburg, SC, 29306.


I got a terrific gift yesterday, remember my ranting about Thanksgiving dinner?? Well my daughter told me about a commercial she watched where the husbands were fixing Thanksgiving dinner for their wives (which she said it had to be fiction), but anyway, they were cooking ham instead of turkey, so she asked if we could have ham instead this year.

Oh I went right for it, this cuts out all the cooking the night before. Just ham, sweet potato casserole, mac pie, green beans and she wants a peach pie, oh let’s not forget devil eggs. Simple for someone who doesn’t like to cook. See why I’d never make it as a wife?! That was a smart man, that divorced me.

Well this is good night. My number is 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist