Pray for Jeryle and Brandie

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Please pray for the recovery of Jeryle Smallwood, and to keep Brandie safe on her journey every day to the hospital. He had two blood clots in the base of his head and one moved to his brain. Melissa Flood explained his condition in the paper the other day, I hope you all read this.

I miss him popping in, getting a Mt. Dew and straightening my upside down drinks in the fridge. This would drive him nuts (as he would say). It also bothered him to look at my board with the names of people owing me money for their hair service. He wanted to go to their houses and collect for me. I wouldn’t let him, but he’d get mad at people not paying me.

While I’m requesting your prayers, please include Carolyn Edwards, Anna and Phillip Lemons, Dee and Linda Watts, Doc and Myrtis Young, and Yvonne and Paul Rash. See, I feel besides the sick, the caretakers need prayer for the strength, physically and mentally, to give the loving care they give their spouse.


Halloween was enjoyable, the little ones were dressed up so cute. And some of the parents had clever costumes on also.

Daisy (the dog) really enjoyed the kids. I kept the gate closed and stood at the bottom, blocking the way out for her, so she wouldn’t scare the little ones or get in the road. She kept her head over the gate and everyone wanted to pet her. She got a lot of loving that night.

My first visitor was Nicole and Harmony. And my last, that I almost gave up on coming, was Toby, Tammy, Tiffany, and Justin. We had laughs and pics. And I had to give Toby his special, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


Troy Millwood came in today, and I found out he is now a home owner. Congratulations. He should be moving in next week. It’s on Brown’s Creek Church Rd. I also heard that Blake McCollum and his wife bought a house on Phillippi Church Road. I’m thrilled for these two young men.

Love Doing What I Do

Well I’ve missed all of the political meals, so sorry to the candidates, but you’ve got my vote. Every time I make plans, someone wants something done to their hair. And since that’s the business I’m in, I just can’t say no. I love doing what I do. There’s new friends and old friends, and interesting conversations.


I went out on the deck Wednesday, waiting for Gina to get ready for where we had to go, just sitting and enjoying the beautiful weather, and reading my 657 page paperback.

Well maybe I read one page before Chuck pulled up and sat for awhile. He commented on my nasty hill, and I told him that when I get more spare time I’d work on it again.

Maybe I’ll get it done by the end of next year, because I don’t have any help. He told me not to look at him, because he was not helping. He says that I’ll never get the stumps out of the mess. In time!! So much on that subject, cause I could rant all day about certain things.

Any suggestions on dead little stumps would be greatly appreciated. Now remember I don’t have a man to do the work, just me.

Interesting Interpretation

A teacher displayed pictures her second-graders had drawn after hearing about the pilgrims’ voyage and the first Thanksgiving. One drawing, by an army child, a veteran of many army moves, caught our attention. There, among the pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys, was moving van with the name “Mayflower” written on it.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I always dread making the dinner.

On Wednesday, we have to go to Spartanburg, so by the time I get home, I need to boil eggs, cook cornbread, bake pies, cook macaroni, chicken breast. Then get a couple of hrs sleep, get up clean the beast, put him in the oven, get the mac and cheese in the crock pot, cook green beans (Southern style), make dressing, some kind of sweet potato casserole, I know I left something out.

Now you say that’s not much to do and it sounds simple to you, well let me tell you, since my husband left me, years and years ago, I don’t cook much, I don’t have to put meals on the table anymore, so this is torture. By the time we eat and I’ve cleaned up it’s going on 6 pm. AND THIS IS A DAY OFF!!!????

Then I have to think about a Christmas dinner — simple — steak, baked potato, salad, dessert. Period. When I lived up north, I always had 25 people to cook for and it was fun, because I cooked every day. My cooking (has) been on vacation for about 30 years.

This is enough of my complaining, so I’ll say good night and call at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist