Where I’ve been for three months

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Hello everybody!! It’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me. Some of you have stopped by to see if I was still living, and chew me out (ha, ha).

Well as some of you know, I was about three months fighting to keep this computer on. I also had phone service for a few minutes through the day. The power company had a tree service cut all the tall brush in my back yard that was touching the power lines (that’s another story). They were putting up new poles, so when my service went out, I couldn’t see the phone company coming out to fix my lines when in a couple of days they would have to come back, when I got a new pole.

And I waited and waited.

After two months they told me that they were not replacing my pole. So I call Truvista and every Monday, for a month, I sat home waiting, and the service guy would come, but the problem was not at my house, but at the telephone exchange. So he’d replace something and I’d have service for an hour. Then boom, out it would go and we’d repeat the visit the next week.

The reason it took as long as it did is because I could only sit home on Monday’s. After a month his boss went to the exchange and put me on another line.

Also, my friend Pete (across the street) has a beautiful pecan tree (huge) that was overpowering the phone lines. So after the phone company cut half the tree down, I have service.

Then it took me until today to hear that I’ll get a refund, just for a month, since I didn’t complain the other two months. But I’m contented with that.

Of course every Wednesday for one month I visited Truvista.This last week I asked the gals in the office if they wanted to hear my story again. They laughed and made sure I received the phone call I’ve been waiting for, and I saved them from this story again. They might miss me next week. Now aren’t you sorry you asked where I’ve been.

Down By The River

Saturday, Oct. 29, will be Lockhart’s “DOWN BY THE RIVER’s festival. It will start at 10 a.m. and last until 6 p.m.

You can call Barry Canupp (429-7051) if you are a vendor and want to come. Craft tables will be $15 and Food Vendor will be $25. This will help up pay for power.

The kids can come in costume, if they want. And Ailene said something about early kayaking and canoeing. Call her at 545-2103 or 251-3883 and get the exact details on it. There will be music, games, and fun for all.

Also ,if you want to volunteer to help Barry get this ready, please call him at 429-7051.

Going Out

Just heard some bad news for some of us that likes to go to the Chester Cove in Chester for fish. They had a fire through the night and Chuck said he saw on Facebook it was burning through the roof. When I drove by last week they looked like they were getting new windows.

Well Chuck and I don’t know how to go to Gaffney, or much of anywhere so I wonder if fish will be off of our menu. We’re not adventurous. We did go to Spartanburg last Saturday to the Hibachi Grill (for frog legs). I think the only reason for taking me there is so he didn’t feel guilty about going to the Academy, and walking around, and around, well you ladies know what I mean. It’s like being in a candy store for men.

Remember In Prayer

Dolly Broome had a bad fall last week, dislocated her arm and banged up her face. Jeremiah Dabbs checks on her every morning, and he heard her hollering for help, so after calling his mom he got Rodney (the neighbor) and the law came, took the window out and put him through it. She’s on blood thinner, and if he hadn’t checked on her, it would have been bad. She’s now in Rehab at Northgrove on Boiling Springs Rd.

Some of you have called me about Ann Vinson, and she will be home on Friday. She had congestive heart failure, but they took real good care of her in Union and she didn’t have to go to Regional.

Helen Bailey has moved with her family to Union, and Gail is taking care of her mother, who has developed Dementia.

Wednesday night the ambulance came and took Dee Watts to the hospital, it seems he fell. Dee has cancer and last week I heard he had a stroke and he is very weak.

These folks really need your prayers. And pray for their caretakers, also.

Checking Facebook

Chuck hasn’t gotten a deer yet, with his bow (which he truly loves), but he gets plenty on camera. How can you hunt when you keep checking Facebook. See he was in his blind, deer hunting when he called me about the fire in Chester.

Well, this is it, because I’m saving some of my past adventures of the last couple of months for next week. You know me, things happen.

Call me and tell me your adventures. Goodnight. 864-545-6652. And a special good night to my niece Terry, who called very concerned about me, since she couldn’t keep up with me in the paper. Love ya!!

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist