Water system meeting Aug. 1

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

All Lockhart residents are welcome to come to Town Hall for a special meeting on Monday, Aug. 1 at 10 a.m. At that time Carl Alexander will be discussing our water system. This is a very important meeting.

Bridge Reopened

By now you all know that the bridge from Lockhart to Chester and York opened up Thursday at 4 p.m. Yeah!! My customers from the other side of the bridge actually traveled 1 hour to get their hair cut. Thank you for coming. Of course you all took care of all your other business while on this side. And I heard that Gus and Pete have opened Broad River Mart.

Sanitation Truck

At 8:30 Thursday morning, I looked out the window of my shop, because I heard the sound of a big truck, which was unusual so early in the morning. It looked like Johnson’s Sanitation has a brand new shiny white truck. I don’t believe they’ve ever came that early, but I bet they were trying to beat the heat. They waved at me, since my nose was at the window staring.

This is something I will be repeating from time to time: Sunday, Sept. 25,I will be closed. It’s that time again that I will be going to Rock Hill to spend the day for the renewal of my cosmetology license. It happens once a year.


Some people thought that I was closed during my bout with the shingles, and some thought I was in the hospital, because I said I had a stroke from them. I worked every day in the shop during this time, except the two days I had vertigo. The stroke was not from my heart, it was only from the shingles which were in my head, which works on the nerve endings.

Circulation Problems

Stephanie wanted me to mention that Barbara Gregory is in the hospital in Charlotte, with circulation problems with her legs and feet. She’s been there for three weeks, and talk of removing two toes, two stents in her legs, hip replacement, and if this doesn’t work they will have to take the leg off. Stephanie wanted to see if anyone could help with gas and food money to help Johnny with his trips to Charlotte every day.


My ladies up on the hill called me the other day and wanted me to relate their story of thievery: They want you to keep an eye on anything you have outside, to make sure nobody removes it from your property.


My friend, Carolyn, needs your prayers. She has recently found that she has cancer in various parts of her body, and this week the doctor will be talking to her about Chemo and Radiation. She told me she wasn’t going to take it because she doesn’t want to be sick before she has to. I hope my talk helped her to at least listen to what the doctor says. I also told her of a few cases where these treatments shrunk the cancer.

Thank You

I want to thank Frank Humphries. My tenant in the upstairs apartment came home to a 98 degree apartment. I called Frank and he came out to fix the problem. That was Tuesday. Today I got another call and the apartment was hot again. I called Frank and he was there in about 20 minutes. He found the problem right away. Apparently when he replaced a part in the conditioner, a spider got in between and it fried it, and shorted out the unit. Took the spider out and started having cool air again. There is a show called Bizarre Foods, if anyone wants grilled spiders.

Back Home

Seems like everyone is back from vacationing at Myrtle Beach. I just saw Bernice and Barry pull in. And Tammy and Toby are back now. I haven’t heard from Tammy to find out if they had a good time but I’ll just bet getting away was fun in itself. Just follow Facebook and it shows all the fun and sunshine. Oh, and let’s not forget that Ailene just got back from Minnesota and had a great time, cause she forgot her phone in the car that took her to the airport, so she couldn’t conduct any business while she was away. And Brenda and Luke took a few days for a trip to the mountains.

Well it’s time to say good night, and call at 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist