A water line breaks at night

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Wednesday night I got a call telling me that we had a broken line down by the post office, and the pavement was coming up because of the pressure of the water. When I got down there, Donnie and Ted had made a call to Deever’s company to come and find the busted pipe.

Barry got there a few minutes after me, because he had a super long drive from Chester down Old River Road. Carl’s wife came with keys that were needed, and Carl came after his other job at midnight. The guys went to the water tower to check on things there and had to cut valves off to stop the pressure at the break.

Donnie had to leave around 1 a.m. and I finally called it quits at 3:30 a.m. Ted and Carl stayed until 6:30 a.m. to cut the valves back on, but Barry came back from Spartanburg and told them to go get some sleep and he’d do it. Now I have no idea when Barry got any sleep.


Barry and Bernice took Michael to Spartanburg, while all this water business was going on because his sister, Darian, went into labor and was on her way to have a baby girl. So Barry was everywhere.


On my way home from Spartanburg Wednesday I saw signs stating that the bridge in Lockhart was closed and there were detours.

On my way home from Union there was a big sign with the same message to go to Carlise to get to Chester and then off and on there were signs going toward Lockhart saying detour on #105, yet big trucks still thought they could get through, only to have to go into No Man’s Land to try to turn around in the tight spot. It was told that one truck came down N. 8th, how it made it through the tight roads and sharp turns I just don’t know.

This has been a mess, but the bridge needs repairs badly to keep it safe, until construction starts for our new bridge, which I heard should start around November.


I swear that I keep messing this article up. First I pushed the wrong button and deleted half of my story. Well it all disappeared. then I called Gina and she found half of it, the other half I hadn’t saved. So I had to retype. Then I touched the mouse and everything turned black, so she had to come in again and fix that. I told you a long time ago I hate the computer and now you see why.


Well I finally got around to cutting my grass and it started raining, so I was determined to finish anyway. The lawnmower kept dying on me with all the wet grass. Then when I tried to go up my hill, it got slick and I felt like I was sliding down, of course this time I was almost to the top. But Gina had to get the weed eater to get the top, I couldn’t make it that far.

Where was Chuck?? Sitting in his truck at the bottom of the hill watching the two fools in the rain. He was happy, though, he and Marvin had just got back from Newport, where he bought a deer in a box to shoot his little arrows in.

Well it’s super late and my three hours of sleep has caught up with me, so I’ll say good night. Call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist