Dealing with computer problems

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

So sorry about not writing last week, but my computer kept going out. Tonight it’s just staying out, but I told Gina just to keep checking and if it comes back on just send this to Charles at the Times. She said sometimes it comes back around 5 in the morning.

I really need to get a hold of Truvista in Chester to come and check out my lines, this has been a problem since the power company had the trees cut off of the lines in my back yard. I’ll be so glad when this heat wave ends so I can get out and clean up the mess back there. But I’m so grateful for the power company coming back and cutting the stumps down to the ground.

Remembering A Great Lady

Last week I wanted to tell you that we lost a great lady, Regina Denton lost her fight with cancer. As sick as she was, she always remembered her friends by sending cards. She really supported our hospice gifts, and would send throws, or money for me to buy some. So last year we honored her by collecting throws in her name, so as a last remembrance we will do it again this year in her name. She was such a great sponsor. So if you want to participate you may bring them in to the beauty shop at 411 Lockhart Drive.


I finally got a phone call from Perry Crocker, who has all the answers about the closing of the bridge, for repairs.

The bridge should be closed for about a month. So as long as nothing dangerous is being done, you will be able to walk across the bridge to go to work. So if that’s your choice you need to park a car somewhere on this side or the other side of the bridge to take you to work, and home again, before this Monday.

I will miss some of my customers for about a month. They just don’t want the 3- mile detour. But thank goodness the working people have a better solution.


July 25-29 is Vacation Bible School at Lockhart Freewill Church. The theme is “Fire Fighters” this year. It is from 5:30-8:30 p.m. with a meal included. Then on Friday at 6 p.m. it will be Family Night with the children putting on a program and having a social with refreshments.

Flood Victims

Brenda Cameron told me that the Freewill Church is also collecting non-perishable items, cleaning products, etc. for the flood victims in West Virginia. There is a group of churches that is doing this. If you want to contribute you can give your stuff to anyone from the church or drop it off here and I’ll see that Brenda will get them.

I believe she told me that Rev. Cody had a big truck (like a transfer truck) to take this stuff. I think they are planning to go around July 28. Oh, she said school supplies would be good also. She and granddaughter, Ashley, have been coupon shopping, so pass those on also.

Loud Noise

I’m sitting here on the computer and BOOM that’s what I heard outside tonight. I went out the front and Gina went out the back, and my neighbors and I gathered in the street wondering what went on. Who knows?? We didn’t see smoke, or heard sirens, so after a late night visit, we all went our separate ways.

Cane Poles

If anyone is interested in cane poles call me and we’ll talk about it. I’ve got some I’d like to get cut down and carried off. Not left!!

A Joke

To be perfectly blunt, our receptionist could be a real witch. She’d been there 20 years and lorded over the place like she owned it.

One recent, freezing day, she went so far as to order a coworker to warm up her car for her. Much to my surprise, he agreed. A few minutes later he came back holding a broom. Placing it on a heating vent, he told her, “Just give it a minute and it’ll be ready to go.”

Now this is a joke, because our receptionist, and other titles she has is a sweetheart (at Town Hall).

Well, it’s late so I’ll say good night and call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist