Reasons for a transit system

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

On Tuesday, June 21, we had a community forum to discuss the feasibility of implementing a transit system in Union County. We had guest speakers explaining how this will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Union County to meet the travel demands of your life from home, jobs, school, and everyday needs.

Donnie Adams and Leroy Worthy are two members of the steering committee for our area.

There are some people that can’t go out and look for a job because they don’t drive or can’t afford a car, so this would help them get to work. As we get older, we may not have family who can take us to a doctor and this will get us there. Also, if you just want to go to Walmart, here’s your way. So this committee is working to get this started. Let’s wish them luck.

A Little Girl Story

Here’s one of little girl stories: I lived ten blocks from the bus stop. I can remember my Mother and I walking the ten blocks to catch the bus to go downtown Flint. (I lived in the suburbs of Flint). She would do her shopping, (you know downtown in every town was where everything was, how times have changed), then we would meet my Grandfather when he got out of work at the bank downtown, and bring the bus back home.

After I graduated from high school, I would walk to the bus stop everyday and take it downtown for beauty school, and if I wanted to see a movie I would stay downtown, go to the theater and afterwards bring the bus home, by this time it would be dark and I’d walk the ten blocks home. You know in those days you didn’t have any reason to be afraid. So I think transit would be a wonderful way to travel, once we would get used to support it.


My sympathy goes out to the following families of Jessie Roberts, whose hair I did for years on Saturday morning, and she crocheted the most beautiful doilies with the finest of threads, and I’m so proud to have been given one as a gift. But about 30 years ago she crocheted a collar for me. Do you remember when we wore these with our sweaters? Just loved her!!

Dick Conard passed away, last week. I was shocked to read that Gene Smith’s wife passed on, I had just cut her hair about a couple of weeks ago. And I am sorry that I don’t know this next man’s name, but I would see this grandfather ride his bike every day with his grandchildren through Lockhart. He lived on Canal Street here in Lockhart with his children and grandchildren.

Bridge Replacement

For those who are always wondering about the bridge replacement, all I know at this time is it should get started in November. This may not be carved in stone.


I also heard there should be a festival “Down By The River” in October sponsored by Jacob’s Well.

Hospice Box

We’re still working on our Hospice Box for Christmas for the nursing homes and retirement centers if anyone is wanting to contribute anything.


Oh before I forget, Chuck finally hooked my water line up on my refrigerator. Let’s see I bought it on Memorial Day and it got hooked up Father’s Day. And do you want to know why?! We held his Father’s Day gifts hostage until it was done.


Monday I got out in the 100 degree weather and washed the porch rails and porch swing, then Chuck came by and watched Gina and I work on the floor, finally he felt so bad that he went and got his pressure washer. I think he was sorry that he was riding by in the first place. But he did end up helping, yeah!

Yard Work

Of course we didn’t see him Wednesday while we were tackling our yard, (you know the hill). Well for every step up the hill I was sliding two steps back. After it wore me out, I was glad to run out of gas and the battery on the weed eater needed charging, and so did I. I gave up and I’ll finish Saturday on my afternoon off. Really about all that’s left is the hill between Barry and I. Oh and I have that ugly patch that I can’t seem to reach. This is the life of a single woman.

Well I’ll quit boring you and say good night. You may call at 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist