An unforgettable year so far

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Hello again, it’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from me. This has been an unforgettable year, so far. February, slipped down my hill, knocked myself out. March wrecked the car. April contracted the shingles in my head, which caused a facial stroke (not related to the heart), had vertigo, and I’m still here.

I recommend that you need to get a shingle shot. This has been going on since April 22.

The back of my head started swelling and turned red, went to emergency room, and the nurse-practitioner said I had a bacterial infection, (this was done by just looking and no blood work). Two days later I broke out in a rash, back to the ER, thinking I had a reaction to her prescription, and the doctor said it was shingle. He gave me shingle meds. I took them on an empty stomach and had to leave work, very sick on my stomach.

Then a couple of days later, I tried drinking orange juice and it dribbled down my front. I looked in the mirror, and discovered I was having some kind of stroke. Back to ER, and that doctor did five blood tests and a CatScan. So you can have a facial stroke from the shingle virus. This was on Friday.

On Monday, I went to Dr. Keith’s office and looked so bad they put me in a room to see the doctor. Then I had to go to an eye specialist, because my eye wouldn’t close. Then last week I went to an ear specialist, because a million blisters settled in and around my ear. GET A SHOT!!

And outside of having vertigo for two days I continued working, it helped with the mind game. Oh, and you don’t get much sleep, either. Up and down in pain all night. I’ve really learned to moan and groan really well.

I really want to send my thanks to the churches in and around Lockhart for their special prayers for me. Thank you all for the caring phone calls and cards. Friends dropped in the shop wishing me well. I’m really never sick and this shocked everyone. You all showed me so much love. Thanks again. Tylenol and Advil help ease the pain. Remember that, just in case. I don’t know how long this will last, it feels like forever.


THEN, my refrigerator went out.

Remember the old days, you went to the store, said I’ll take that one, it was delivered and that was it. Not now!! They have to see if they have it in stock. This was May 15, and Best Buy wouldn’t get it in until June 19. Then it was going to be an extra $69.99 for delivery, and I know two families here in Lockhart that was never charged for delivery.

The next store, Lowe’s on the West Side, said when they have a Union delivery. They didn’t even have one. So we got on the Internet and found one at Lowe’s on the East Side. You had four days to pick it up or it would go back in stock, (even though it was paid for) So Chuck couldn’t go until Memorial Day.

Anyway, I bought it, we went to get it, and to make a long story shorter, in two hours six people went in the back to look for this fridge. Finally Chuck went to see what the hold up was, There had to be a sink-hole in the back because nobody came back. Now Chuck got off of third shift that a.m. and let them know he was not a happy camper.

Well they did not have my fridge, and wanted me to take the demo. No way, I paid for a new one. Then they wanted me to take another brand. Uh, uh. After Gina researched this brand, there was no way I was showing up with something different. They wanted me to upgrade, I was not paying any more.

So I ended up with the same one I wanted only with that little extra door with extra shelves, and a gun stock black instead of stainless steel. They said I could have any one I wanted no matter what the cost, for my price. I’m happy, but don’t trust what you think you purchase on the Internet.

Oh, and Chuck still hasn’t hooked up my water line. Maybe for my birthday in August or Christmas or next year. Who knows.

I had to replace everything in the fridge, what a mess, and costly. My thanks to the Adult Sunday School Class at the First Baptist Church in Lockhart for the monetary gift that really helped with groceries.

This town might be little, but it has a big heart and loving, caring people!!

Hugh Gregory

Our town lost Hugh Gregory after a fighting battle with cancer. He was the backbone of this town. There wasn’t anything he didn’t know about it.

The church was packed to pay tribute to him. The Lockhart Fire Department did a wonderful job of honoring him at the grave site and getting him there.

My deepest sympathy to June, Richard, Vickie and family. He will always be missed and never forgotten.

Well for now I’ll say goodnight. call at 8645456652

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist