Choose your words carefully

Chuck called the other night and told me there was a terrible wreck on the race.

Where was I during this? I live right next to the race, I didn’t hear anything. And what kind of wreck could there be when vehicles aren’t permitted on the race?

After my shock and asking about this, it was on TV and whatever car race they were having. He needs to know how to word these things.

Fixing A Leak

Well the dripping water leak at the bathtub got fixed Saturday night. I’m glad Chuck had all the parts he needed, ‘cause he waited until dark when the stores were closed, if there was something else he needed. It was a tight squeeze and Gina had to help when he needed a long slim arm.

After my dad (years ago) put in the modern bathtub, from the clawfoot tub, there was only inches left for the piping, then he put in 2×4’s so that made it tighter, and closed it with a little wall.

Well, he finished about midnight. Well we had to feed him first, to give him the energy to work. So when he finished, I told him maybe I’d like a walk in shower instead in a couple of weeks. Guess what kind of look I got from that. Just kidding!


I hope all of you knew that DHEC and EPA met with our citizens Thursday at the Family Life Center on Armory Road to discuss whatever problems you might have with the Bennett Landfill Fire and Smoke. I had it in my column last week, it was in the newspapers and on WBTU. So I hope you took advantage of this opportunity.

A Request

I have a request for all my friends and readers.

Every year my customers and I fill totes with gifts of all sorts, for the Medi-home Hospice Christmas party. These gifts (last year) went to both Union nursing homes, Pinckney Place, and a couple of other senior places. We had everything from socks, hair products, bath products, coloring books and crayons, puzzle books, purses and scarves, hats and shirts, the list goes on. I had about 15 throws.

Well, this year besides all these things that I hope we get, I was going to ask anyone of you that knit, crochet, or just sew, if you would make us throws, I would like to do this in honor of Regina Denton (who always sent my box something every week, in the past). Debbie Parker told me Regina has a lot of trouble with breathing and therefore cannot come home. Regina has cancer. Please pray for her, and for her husband and son, Tommy and David. I’ll even take regular throws. I just thought it might be something special. Thanks.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for my good friend, Doc Young, and his wife and daughter, Myrtis and Rhonda. Doc wasn’t feeling too well the other day and was put in the hospital. I heard today what was wrong, but until Myrtis calls and tells me, I won’t repeat what I heard in hopes it’s wrong.

Back Home

I also heard that Beany Inman has finally come home from the hospital. Let’s pray for a good recovery.


My sympathy goes out to Danny, Mary Sybyl, and Paula Sprouse for the loss of their mother, Ann Sprouse. Ann was one of the sweetest ladies I knew, always had a smile on her face.

Also Remember In Prayer

Pray for Larry Gene Cabiness, also.

Locks Of Love

Tommy Eaves’ granddaughter, Riley, came in the shop the other day and had 10 inches cut off of her hair for Locks of Love. She was adorable. She made Tommy keep his eyes closed until I finished.

So if anyone else wants to do the same, before I send this package off, just call me at 545-6652. 10 inches or more. The company makes wigs for children.

Mayor Ashe

Ailene’s been dog sitting this week in Spartanburg, and traveling back and forth to run our little town. At the end of the week she will be on a plane to Minnesota for a much needed rest. As I was leaving town hall today, she was on the phone to Johnson’s Sanitation, so I don’t know how that went, but I will keep you posted.


June Gregory, Pat Queen had a birthday July 7. Happy Belated!! Barbara Sprouse, Mandy Price have a birthday, July 9. Kay Stacher, Kenneth Farr on the 10th. Marty Shugart and Shane Grady on the 12th. PJ McCutcheon on the 13th and Jack Lawson on the 15th.


Lee and Tiffany Littlejohn have an anniversary on the 7th, Jason and Heather Plemmons on the 9th and Hugh and June Gregory on the 15th. So Happy Anniversary to all of you.

Too Friendly

A woman walked into the vet’s office wanting her cat and six kittens spayed and neutered.

“Is the mother friendly?” asked the Vet.

“Very” said the woman, casting an eye on all the pet carriers. “That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.”


I meet the nicest, most encouraging people in the stores in Union. They give some good advice. The other day one told me to write what’s on my mind and tell you it’s just my opinion.

Sometimes I get discouraged over these articles, because some people don’t want me to have “Freedom of Speech.” It’s their way or no way. But life is not that way. These are just my stories for your enjoyment, that’s all. Sometimes I fail, but when I don’t write, some of you call disappointed. Anyway!!!

At The Chiropractor’s

Gina and I finally had the time to visit Dr. Bridgett Sherman, our Chiropractor, in Union. It’s been awhile, but we’ve needed her for months. But we stay on the run. Oh those beds that roll feel great, but with almost 100 degrees outside, I had to keep turning the heat down on the pad. She really helps those headaches, backaches, etc.

Gift Advice

Gail, a neighbor, wanted to buy her workaholic boss a special gift. Knowing that I create handcrafted items as a hobby, she came to me. I made a few suggestions, all of which she said weren’t quite right.

Frustrated, Gail asked, “What do I get for a person who has no life ?”

“How about a nice urn?” I replied.

It’s time to say goodnight. Call me at 864-545-6652.