Thought Heidi Lou was a play

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

I really got tickled at Chuck, I mentioned to him the other day that someone got mad because they were not invited to go to the Town Hall to see Heidi Lou.

So when her picture was in the paper I showed it to Chuck. He then told me that he didn’t know Heidi Lou was a person, he thought it was a play like Boogaloo. I swear! He keeps me laughing. And he’s serious. For those who missed the article about her, she is Dolly Parton’s niece.

Miss Fix-It

Last week it was the telephone and snakes. This week Gina turned into a plumber, and put in a cartridge in the cold water faucet in the bathroom, which has leaked for about a year, and we gave up on anyone helping to fix it.

So she got on-line and got the info that she needed. She took a picture of it on her phone because we didn’t know the brand of the faucet, and we went to Lowe’s and matched it, came home, turned the water off and now it no longer leaks. Let’s see what she fixes next week.

We took the top off of the water meter (outside) and spiders and roaches ran all over the bottom of it. Where’s the spray when you need it? Tommy, Gina is a real person and one of these days Ailene and I will reveal her to you.

A Mess

This morning I went out to go to work and was greeted by the Asphunt men, they told me they were going to cut my bushes and trees down so the power company can put up new poles and higher voltage. They said it would look great and I would be pleased. Ha, ha!

Now I have a mess to look up at. They left high stumps, but said the ivy would grow over them and hide them. Right now there is no way I would ever be able to cut the grass or weed eat. In the months to come the stumps will rot, they said.

I called Barry and asked him what he did in the yard above me to get grass, so he’s going to look tomorrow at my yard and see what solution I have to make my yard look clean.

After they got the trees down they said the ground was loaded with rocks, so that’s one job I’ll have on my days off, pulling rocks. Oh well!! Just wanted to share my misery.

Remember In Prayer

Doc Young needs lots of prayers. They put him in the hospital this morning, I heard he couldn’t walk. The cancer center started treatments on him last week, again and it has made him so sick. So this will determine if he can take any more.

Pray for Regina Denton and Debbie Parker (who had surgery last week). Pray for Dot Millwood who will be having surgery next week.

Playing A Joke

As I told you last week, I got my car back from the little wreck I had. So I have a new bumper and headlight (on one side).

So I went to Blackwood’s Auto where my friend Robbie works (he’s the one that washes and waxes my car). I asked him if he remembered how I said that 40 mosquito repellent would take the dullness off of the headlights. So I told him that I worked and rubbed really hard and not only made my headlight look like new but I got rid of all the bug marks on my bumper. He thought it looked great. and I told him I had to go home and do the other headlight because it was dull.

Oh I had him!! Then I started laughing and told him the truth, but I had him going for awhile.

Mistaken Identity

Ninety-year old Sam bought a hairpiece, had a face lift and worked out at the gym for six months. Then he found a widow half his age to take to dinner. As they got out of his sports car, Sam was struck by lightning and died.

At the Gate of Heaven, he ran up to God and asked, “Why me?”

“Oh, Sam,” replied God. “I didn’t recognize you!”

Well, it’s that time so I’ll say good night, and thank all of you and call me at 864-545-6652

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist