Congratulations to Ailene Ashe

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Well, I saw on Facebook today that Ailene Ashe was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2016, by Union County Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations, Ailene. I know she works hard at trying to make Lockhart a better place, and it’s a shame that our community doesn’t appreciate all the hours she puts in, meetings, and phone calls. So I’m glad someone has paid attention to her.

Getting My Car Fixed

I finally got the ok to get my car fixed. But now I have to find the time and someone to go with me to pick up the rental car in Spartanburg, then drop my car off at Lee’s Body Shop.

Well, it will be done in the next couple of weeks and I hope the insurance company doesn’t give up on me. It sure will be nice to have a whole car again.

This really has made me paranoid, I’m constantly watching all the cars on the road. Just remember, do not back out into a main road. I got stopped in time and he just kept backing up until we met.

Earlier Accident

My only other accident was when I was about 8 years old, and my grandfather picked my mother and I up to ride with him to get my grandmother from work.

It was late and in those days there was no street lights. A car was stalled in the road, grandpa didn’t see it until we hit.

In those days there wasn’t any seat belts, and I was sitting in the middle and my face hit the dash and the key embedded in my chin. So I had some nice stitches for awhile.

Then when I was 15 I started having lockjaw a lot, and found out it was the result of that car accident, and had to have surgery on my jaw. Just think, at 15, they shaved half of my head and I had to find an inventive hair style so nobody would know. Well hair does grow back.

That’s my story. The end.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for Regina Denton, she is still in the hospital. Azilee Ashe is out of the hospital, so Carolyn brought her in to see me today, she seems to be doing better. Ruth Belue just got out of Mary Black Hospital and came in today, also. Pray for Doc and Myrtis, please. Pray that Dot Millwood’s test come back ok, also. Ailene should be getting test results back this week also. So add all my friends in your prayers, thanks.


I heard from Charlene Broome, Tuesday, and she was in Florence, on her way to Simpsonville. Later that day she was in N.C., on her way to Massachusetts. Today I heard from her and she’d been to Mississippi, was in Tenn. and on her way to Pennsylvania. Did I mention she and Dennis are truck drivers. Now that’s a way to see the country.


I see that Rev. Delos Blanton has a birthday on April 2. Todd Carter on the 5th of April, Donald Revis on the 6th, Dylon Fowler on the 9th, Phyllis Gibson on the 10th, and on the 11th are Jean Carter and Travis Shugart.


Pete and Kay Stachler have an anniversary on April 3. Steve and Sheila Robinson on the 5th, Buster and Hilda Hefner on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to all of you, and many more.

Happy And Unhappy

Sad news for me and happy news for her: Barbara, at the Monarch Arthur State Bank retired the last of March. She was so happy about this and is going to enjoy working in her yard and being able to get a lot done on her wanted list. But!! Who will straighten out my check book every now and then? I know she hated to see me come with that sad look on my face. Look out Leigh, who will be taking over Barbara’s position. I’ll break her in.

Medical Humor

A man called his doctor’s office for an appointment.

“I’m sorry,” said the receptionist, “we can’t fit you in for at least two weeks.”

“But I could be dead by then!”

“No problem. If your wife lets us know, we’ll cancel the appointment.”

Golly, that joke puts me in mind when I got poison oak all over my body. I was miserable,and called the doctor’s office. The receptionist told me it would be three weeks before they could see me. I told her I would have scratched myself to death by then. She didn’t feel sorry for me, so I told her I had a couple of nurses for customers and would just ask them what I could do to relieve me of the pain. True story.

Oh, yeah, they told me to bathe in oatmeal. Well I didn’t know that Aveeno made an oatmeal solution to bathe in. I bought a box of cooking oatmeal and put it in the tub. Well I soaked in it, and you can imagine how hard it was getting all that soggy oatmeal scooped out of the tub. What can I say?!

Well, Gina won’t stop talking to me while I’m trying to concentrate on this letter, so I am going to close so she will be quiet. Good night and call at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist