A public meeting at the town hall

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

We had a public meeting Tuesday, before our council meeting. Of course we had the same public that we always have, Myrtis, Mallory, and Leroy.

Curtiss Hunter and her co-workers from Tourism and Recreation were there and a young man speaking to us on the proposed boat landing and walking/bicycle trails that Union County is trying to get a grant for. We looked at the map showing Phase 1 and Phase 2. This will be good for canoes and kayaks also. There may be extra maps at town hall.

Ailene, Donnie and I were the only council members attending, with Hugh and June Gregory attending, and of course Mike Stevens from the radio station. Our auditor, Brown Fant joined us at the end of our meeting to discuss our audit, which turned out fine. He did discuss with us our net income (loss) before depreciation for the last 5 years for the water and sewage system. There has been rumors floating around and I want to tell you that we have not done anything different with the water or sewage.

Going To The Eye Doctor

Chuck and I went to the eye doctor Saturday, what a journey. By the time we got out, it was dusk, so we didn’t have the sunlight to contend with (with dilation). We thought we were safe, but oh what pretty bright headlights we encountered. It looked like the streets were decorated for Christmas. Traffic lights were sparkly green and red.

Inside the stores we were fine. Chuck couldn’t believe he’d have to wait until around the 3rd to get his new glasses. I think he thinks they can go poof and the glasses appear. My eyes haven’t changed in 3 years, so lucky me. He’s so funny.

His birthday is Sunday, Feb. 28. He missed being a leap year baby by about a half hour. I’ll tell you next week what I got him for it.


Ok let’s talk weather!! The wind was so bad Wednesday that it knocked our pole for Directv over. We’ve had strong winds before but never that strong.

Gina was outside trying to straighten it up and make it steady. It took her two days to get our service started again. She packed dirt and rocks around it, had to work on the cables also. It was so cold outside and when she got in the side building where the cables are, the wind got so bad against the door, she couldn’t push it open to even get out. There had to be some bad weather (really bad) somewhere for us to have such fierce wind.

I was sitting in the parking lot across the street from the Y and two men came up the street chasing something that was blowing down the street. I never saw what they were after or saw them come back by. I think about that time the power everywhere was going out.

When we got to Spartanburg, later that day around 6, on Southport, there were 5 power poles cracked in half, and they were working to restore power and get new poles up and cables. I thought about our Lockhart Power men, and wondered what they ran into. Well Dennis said they were out until 3 this morning, trees down, probably on lines. We’ve got a wonderful crew.

We have been so lucky and haven’t had tornadoes since I’ve lived here, even though we high winds occasionally. We had quite a few tornadoes where I come from. Really scary. You knew they were coming, the air would get still, you would not hear the birds or insects, The sky would turn gray. I could always go to my bedroom window and see it coming. Then we would go to the basement, and all the family would join us.

One time I remember we were sitting and eating dinner and someone’s porch roof came by our window, we were lucky. One year when I was little, it wiped out the northern end of Flint, I lived in the southern end. It killed a lot of people. And I remember seeing the houses off their foundations and it was like it just lifted them up and moved them a block away. Trailers were up on their ends. I have my parent’s pictures of these still. They were taken with the new Polaroid camera, that just came out and developed a picture in minutes. So when I heard this was God’s country, (Lockhart) I believe it.

Democratic Primary

This Saturday is the Democratic Primary, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Last Saturday was Republican. Lockhart area will be held at the Town Hall.


Scientists say they have found the missing link — a little monkey. It lived on mostly twigs and berries which makes it the direct ancestor of today’s supermodel.

Apartment Ready To Rent

I have a 3 room apt. ready to rent if your interested. Now I will warn you that there is 19 steps to get to it. My last tenant counted. Maybe I need to move into it just for the exercise to lose weight. You can call me or the town hall at 545-2103 or me at 545-6652.

Just The Right Dress

” You admit having broken into the dress shop four times?” asked the judge.

“Yes,” answered the suspect.

“And what did you steal?”

“A dress, Your Honor,” sighed the suspect.

“One dress? “echoed the judge.” But you admit breaking in four times!”

“Yes, Your Honor,” sighed the suspect. “But three times my wife didn’t like the color.”

Well I will say good night and you can call at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist