Sympathy and remember in prayer

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

First thing, I want to send my sympathy to Bill McSwain’s family, Patsy, Joyce and Jim Crocker, Bill’s children and family. He passed away today (Thursday). Chuck’s friend, Sammy Cooke passed away yesterday, sympathy to his family for their loss.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for Jennette Johnson and Regina Denton. I think Regina has come home from the hospital, now, but I think Jennette is still in.

Thank Yous

I want Regina to know we received another thank you from Medihome for helping with Valentines. Even though Regina’s been a shut-in she has been a great help in this cause. Medihome had enough Valentines for the nursing home and seniors in Union. If you know of any shut-in’s in the Lockhart area, please call me and let me know for future use with Medihome, to not be forgotten. My number if 1-864-6652.

Going To Spartanburg

Gina asked if I would like to go to Spartanburg on Saturday. I told her I was going there anyway for an eye appointment. She said “Good” she’d go with me.

I told her that Chuck and I had an appointment and she could drop us off, and go about her business. She said there wasn’t any way she’d go with both of us. She claimed that Chuck and I talked too much on the way. She likes quiet and just listen to music. Then she said she didn’t feel like walking around the Academy the rest of the evening. Well, she’s been with us before so she knows!

Gina and I went Wednesday instead. Gee, look at the excitement she’ll be missing. ha, ha.

Scary Experience

I went to Walmart, Wednesday, and as I approached my car I heard loud voices, As I was putting things in my trunk, I heard ranting and cussing. I looked over a couple of cars from me, and found this woman cussing a lady out in the next car from her.

I thought maybe the one was parked too close and the other couldn’t open her door. I was mistaken, she had lots of room.

#1 is the cussing lady. #2 is the poor woman in the car, thankfully with her windows up. Well #1 would put a bag in her car, then surround #2’s car, calling her horrible cussing names. This went on for quite awhile.

After finishing putting her groceries in the car, she made one last trip to #2’s drivers window, cussing her again, of course she never took a breathe the whole time. When she pulled out I thought she would ram her car into her, but she just stopped in front of her car, put her window and hollered at her again. When she pulled out, the #2 got out and got her plate.

I asked her if she was okay. She didn’t know this lady, and had pulled up before #1 came out. The #1 walked up to her window and # 2 put her window down a little thinking #1 needed some help of sorts. That’s when #1 started the cussing.

Well, the law was going to #1 ‘s house to see what was wrong with her. This much anger (with a total stranger) or anyone, is what happens when people start on a killing spree.

I’m glad she wasn’t next to my car, cause I’m the type that would have gotten out of the car, and tried to talk her down. But the # 2 did the right thing, she didn’t make eye contact and called the law on her phone, during this whole thing.

The Snow That Wasn’t

Did you like all the snow we had?

I taped The Biggest Loser Monday, and when I went to watch it, the weather men were on for the two hours that the show would have been. Well, they really were on the whole evening trying to show where the roads and weather was the worse and where it was going, including us.

So Tuesday morning I expected slippery steps and it was a beautiful morning. What happened? So when I went to Walmart Wednesday, everyone that I knew started joking about the 2-6 inches of snow that we didn’t get. We were all happy anyway. I love this warm weather, except not knowing exactly how to dress for the day.

I got one phone call from a customer who didn’t look out, but was just going with what the weather men said. She said it was just too bad to come out in it, and the roads were too bad to drive. I didn’t have the heart to tell her how nice the weather was. She’d have to look out sooner or later.


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines. All of the couples that I saw on Sunday went to their favorite restaurant for a dinner, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s so sweet. I stayed home with Gina Saturday and worked on Valentines. I’m so glad I’m not a romantic. I’m just a survivor.


You can always tell about somebody by the way they put their hands on an animal.

Mystery Solved?

After new neighbors moved in, our garbage was knocked over in the mornings by their big black dog. I’d often try to shoo him away, but he’d only snarl at me. In exasperation, I went to my neighbors to complain.

“Thank you for telling me,” said the woman who opened the door. “We noticed he had bad breath, but we didn’t know where he was getting it.”

Well good night and you can give me a call at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist