Winter weather and the Super Bowl

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing columnist

Well I guess we aren’t over our winter weather yet. Yesterday (Wednesday) the wind had ice in it, I swear that’s what it felt like. I just don’t know whether to wear a heavy coat or a light jacket. Every day it changes. But there is threat of snow and ice on Monday. Well if that happens, there isn’t any reason to leave home, Monday is Presidents’ Day, the banks, government offices, post office will all be closed. So let’s stay in and be lazy. I’ll just speak for myself.


I’ll tell you something, talk about hard work, try shoveling snow from a driveway. Our driveway in Michigan was two car widths and four car lengths. And you shoveled a couple of times a day. It takes forever and then the snow plow comes down the highway and covers the end of your driveway, just so you can start all over. And we didn’t have snow for just one day. We had it for months. And this is why you have snowbirds at Myrtle Beach each winter.

Super Bowl

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl? Well the Panthers lost but it still was an entertaining game.

See I don’t understand one thing about it, but Gina says that if I watch it enough I’ll learn. So what I understand is that someone tosses a ball between his legs to the quarterback then he looks around and throws it to someone who’ll get a crowd of men falling on him. Now I don’t understand why they all pile up when just one took him down, unless they get points for each one on top. Now if they can get away with the ball and run really fast, they make it over the line and score. Then some little guy comes out and gets to kick the ball between the poles and make another score. There, I’ve just educated you in the game of football.

Shocking Moment

Last week, Chuck called my house, and he was so shocked when Gina answered the phone (which we seldom do). He said “Who is this?”, and she told him, “Gina. He wanted to know where her mother was, she said “She’s at a meeting.” He said, “Eating, what’s she eating?” She said again, at a meeting. She really thinks he needs to get a hearing aid. He said he was just so shocked that the phone was answered.

Steak Dinner

Saturday was our monthly Chester Shrine Club steak dinner, so at our two tables were our usual. Marvin M., Sammy W., Jay R. and Gene Smith joined them this week. At our table, Anita M., Lynn W., Glenda R. and Lynn’s mother joined us. And of course Chuck and I. Then at the next table was Robbie and Rose Queen. Tommy and Nancy came by to talk, but didn’t join our tables, cause they were there first, so they were leaving about the time we got our food. I hope Gene enjoyed and will join us again. The ladies sit at a separate table so we don’t listen about deer, guns, and whatever men enjoy.

Valentine’s Day

Okay, men, Sunday is Valentine’s Day. That’s all I have to say. Oh yeah, just stay out of the dog house.


Someone came in today and told me that Regina went to the hospital, I really don’t know, but please pray for her. Brenda Cameron, came for just a visit today, and said that Charlie Gill has come home from rehab. So hope he keeps getting better. Please pray for Jennette Johnson, who is still in the hospital. Mert came in for a visit also, today. Tammy ran in before going to work at the school, didn’t stay too long. Visitors are always welcomed. It was great having Carolanne Fisher come in, it’s just been too long since I saw her last. And of course Chuck must have Carolanne radar, cause he showed up. He loves to tease with her.

Typical Nerd

A computer nerd is crossing the road when he sees a frog who opens its mouth and starts talking.

“If you kiss me,” the frog says, “I’ll turn into a beautiful princess, stay with you for a week and do anything you want.”

The guy smiles and puts the frog in his pocket.

“Did you hear me?” asks the frog. “A beautiful princess? For a week?”

“Look,” says the nerd, “I haven’t got time for a girlfriend. But a talking frog — now that’s cool.”

Lockhart Cafe

I don’t know what the menu will be for Sunday at Lockhart Cafe, but I’ll just bet it will be good. They open at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Find someone from Lockhart First Baptist Church to get your tickets for the Wild Game Supper, March 19.


Happy Belated birthday to Monica Shad on the 8th and Stan Eaves on the 9th. Mary Ann Grady’s is the 14th.

Well, good night, call at 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing columnist