Walking on cars covered in snow

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Well I usually don’t watch the news, but with the snow storms everywhere, I’ve been following the events in all the states with it. I’ve lived in the same kind of mess, and even though the snow is beautiful falling I am not homesick. When I saw the cars completely covered, I can remember the feeling of walking on mounds of snow and it would end up being someone’s car.

OK, I’ll give you a day in the snow: You wake up to this blinding white, mass of snow, crawl out of a window, because the doors are blocked by snow. Now this is after you have so many layers of clothes, so you have to be outside so you don’t sweat. After we would shovel the doors out (this particular day, you cannot go to work, everyplace is closed), well almost, we just start walking, and of course part of it is on top of cars.

I lived just off of Hwy. #23, and most people had snowmobiles, riding up and down the highway, like you do with your 4 wheelers. All the restaurants and bars are opened, and all are serving soup, they have big kettles going, and so everyone just gathers and visits. Once the plows clear the roads, it’s back to work (1 or 2 days later). This was before I married.

Now when I was first married, we lived in a trailer park, and my husband would tell me he was going to shovel the car out. Then I wouldn’t see him all day, because all the men would be shoveling the whole park out together, so when the highway was cleared they could go to work. And it might not be that day. Sometimes our snow would start around Halloween and might last until May. We really didn’t have, what we call here, snow days. We had to go to work during a normal snow, we just couldn’t be out of work for a whole season.

But as a child it’s just exciting to build forts out of snow and have snowball fights, or tunnel under the snow mounds. We would walk blocks, pulling our sleds, just to slide down the big hills of the golf course. It was just our way of life and we didn’t know there were sunshine states and warm weather in the winter. We would mostly hit below 0 degrees.

So even though I feel sorry for these up north people, I feel lucky I’m here.

Open For Sunday Dinner

Lockhart Cafe will be open every Sunday for dinners starting this Sunday, January 31, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This Sunday, they will have a choice of Country Fried Steak and Gravy, Chicken Breast or Legs, and Pork Chops, and a wide variety of vegetables.

For those of you that don’t know where Lockhart Cafe is, shame on you, but it is on S. 2nd St. next to the Post Office, here in Lockhart.

And for the Big Game, he will be having chicken wings and pizza. He will be selling this after his dinner closes at 3. He always does this for the Big Game on February 7.

Telephone Book

If you don’t have a telephone book for this year, you can pick one up at town hall during business hours, 7:30 to noon. Or come by my shop or Lockhart Cafe for one.

Presidential Primaries

Presidential Primaries will be held on Saturday, Feb. 20, for Republicans and on Feb. 27, Saturday, for Democrats. This is from 7 a.m. til 7 p.m. Any questions about this you can call the Union County Board of Election and Registration at 429-1616. This is where you vote for who you want your party to run for President in November.

Valentine Gifts

Don’t forget that if you want to help with Valentine gifts for Hospice, we don’t have much time. Hospice is wanting to give a small gift to their patients and seniors.

I received a thank you card from Jennie Crocker (MediHome) thanking my friends for the Christmas gifts, and telling me that everyone at Whitney Place received a blanket. I had 28 in all.

These people are very poor and grateful for everything they get. This makes my group very happy to be so giving. Let’s see if we can do something for Valentines.

Also, MediHome has patients in other places to that our gifts go to. They are asking for lotions, work search and crosswords and socks, cards, I guess just anything you want to give. Now my blankets have started for next Christmas again. David came to see me again, so thank you Regina for the throws, we all love you, and pray for your health.

Smart Move

“I finally found a way to get money out of my husband” a woman told her friend. “We were arguing last night, and I told him I was going home to Mother. He gave me the fare.”


A woman was frantic when she saw smoke coming from her garage. She called 911 to report the fire.

“How do we get there?” asked the emergency dispatcher.

“Well — ” the woman said, “don’t they use those big red trucks anymore?”

Well, as you see, I don’t have much news, but if you call me, I’ll have more. So this is goodnight. Call at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist