A cat, checkout lines and movie truck

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Merry Christmas to all of you, hope you had a wonderful day with all your family, and pets.

A Cat And A Christmas Tree

Well, really this is just Wednesday at my house. We haven’t put a tree up yet, why?? Because I have this really energetic 2 year-old cat. So last year we put up a really ugly little tree (you know those that the plastic ornaments are glued on it), just to see how she would do around it. I picked it up from the floor every morning. I am just afraid if we put a regular one up, this flying cat would see that the ornaments would be broken. She’s like a flying squirrel and has super power batteries in her. Zoom!! There she goes flying from room to room. And maybe she’d leave a nice one alone. Who knows.


Chuck likes to Christmas shop the Saturday before Christmas, so he finally had a day off and we went to Spartanburg. Of course after we ate at Ryan’s we went to Champs, in the mall, for me, and I was so disappointed. Last year I could buy college team shirts, all they had this year was Nike and Air Jordan shirts and products. We were in a hurry to get to the Academy so we didn’t walk the mall to see if there was a sport shop somewhere else. I’ll get away one day and see what the mall offers. But it will be after the holidays.

Checkout Lines

Ended up at Dorman Walmart, and would you believe they only had three lines open to cash out???? Numbers 9, 14 and 18. We waited in line over an hour, and got acquainted with everyone around us.

One good thing for Walmart, was that I noticed everyone kept finding things to add to their buggies along the aisle, some got drinks and chips and snacked while they waited. I offered to watch the buggy behind me, cause I told her that her milk probably was ready to clobber up. This was like a party and we all were in a good mood and seemed to have a good time.

I wanted to go to the east side but I overheard that they no longer were opened 24 hours. So I didn’t want to make a wasted trip, I’ll look into that also. Went to Union’s Walmart Monday and today, and they had almost all their lanes opened, they know how to make people happy.

Interesting Response

My mother always resists our attempts to simplify her life with modern conveniences. She claims it’s more relaxing to wash dishes by hand and just as easy to use a knife as a food processor. Last Christmas, however, we surprised her with a microwave oven.

“Look, Mom,” I said, “these brownies took only four minutes to bake. Isn’t a microwave marvelous?”

“Just what I need,” she retorted. “A machine to make me fat faster.”


Happy Belated Birthday to Bailie Thomason and Paul (Dodie) McCutcheon on the 22nd; Caitlin Grant and Cheryl McCutcheon on the 23rd. On the 24th are, Daniel Swad, Rany Manus,Delani Rash, and Daniel Ley. On the 25th, Jesus, Dollie Broome, Hagan Grady. On the 27th, Scott McLeod, Wesley Jenkins.

Movie Truck

Remember the movie that was taking place here and at Broad River Mart? Well Wayne Grady’s truck will be in the movie.

Dale, Dean and Wayne were coming home from work and they were stopped before they got to Broad River Mart, Wayne told them that he had to get his truck in order to go home. It seems that he parked it at Poulas’s early in the morning to catch his ride with the other two guys, as he always had done. He had no idea that they rented the place for the movie.

Instead of towing the truck off the lot, they put a W. Va. tag on it and left it parked, but they couldn’t let him take the truck until they were through shooting in that area. So he had to go back later for the truck. So the truck is famous. Well I thought that was an interesting piece.

Well, good night and if you want some good news, please call me and tell me some. 864-545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist