A wonderful time of fellowship

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

We had our annual Town Hall Christmas party, Tuesday, after our town meeting. Barry made us a delicious chicken stew and banana pudding.

Our guests were Annette Sutherland and Sandy West, who worked very hard at getting our lights ready for Christmas. Lynn Hooks brought her adorable granddaughter. Lynn has worked very hard getting the lights stretched and ready to go on the large light tree in the main parking lot.

We also had Luke and Brenda Jenkins, Hugh and June Gregory and their granddaughter. Marvin Ashe came but Charlotte didn’t. Mary Syble and Wayne Allen, Chuck Montgomery, Ted and Marva Garner and their granddaughter, and Jay who helps Lynn, Ailene and myself. We all enjoyed the fellowship.


I am so thrilled with this weather. I’m still wearing capris and short sleeve shirts in December. Every time I put on long pants and long sleeve shirts, the temperature gets up so high I feel like I’m suffocating. This puts me in mind of my winter visits here. Only this time I’m not the only one that is dressing for summer, most of us are. But when winter hits, I bet it will be a doozy.


I went and paid my property taxes today, I was afraid I’d forget by January.

So all of you noticed the extra charge on the taxes. That had nothing to do with Lockhart and Carlise taking on Union’s Code Ordinance (as someone told me). Since Regional took over Wallace Thompson Hospital, they did not take on the ambulance service. So this extra money is supposed to take care of our EMS in Union County.

Code Officer

David Kitchens is the code officer for Union, and I thought since he had a big area to cover, they would go on complaints first. But I noticed he’s making his rounds and some people already got notices to clean up and cut bushes.


Lora Garner had a birthday on the 12th, Jodi Forehand and Bobbie Sue Revis on the 18th. Happy Birthday to Karla Franklin on the 21st. Also on the 21st is my friend Jay Williams. Delani Rash and Daniel Ley on the 24th. On the 25th is Hagan Grady.


Happy Anniversary to Nikki and Will Carter on the 20th, Donna and Mike Massey on the 21st, and Roxanne and Nelson Brawley on the 23rd.


You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle these three things: rainy days, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.

Christmas Cards

For those who receive Christmas cards from me, I’m still waiting for my Christmas stamps to come in. Debbie keeps calling for them and they keep telling her they will send them, but she keeps waiting, and I like holiday stamps. I think Union PO is trying to sabotage us. We are all thrilled, in Lockhart, to have Debbie back. Thank you all for helping. Or maybe she just made it on her own, anyway, yea!!

Back Pain

Talk about pain, in the back. Somewhere early morning, Monday, I found myself almost unable to get out of bed. With a lot of grunting and moaning, I got on my feet, but since I didn’t want to have a muscle relaxer injected in me (at the hospital) I struggled to get dressed. It really was hard, lifting legs to get into pants, putting my arms up to put in a shirt, and sitting was almost excruciating.

I made it to the chiropractor, Dr. Bridgett Sherman Miller. I had a hard time getting on the rolling bed, but with a little grunt (cause noise helps), I did it, and every time the roller went over the hurt, I moaned a little more. Then she wanted me on my stomach, oh no, you have to lift a leg to put it on the bed, before the body falls down. More moaning and grunting.

After a good workout, she wanted me to touch my toes, there wasn’t any way, but after she used that machine on my back while I kept bending, I finally touched my toes, and walked out of there without pain. Now at 3 a.m. it hit me again, I got the heating pad, laid on it and haven’t had another spell.

Well it’s quite late, and so I’ll say goodnight and call me at 864-545-6652, thanks.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist