News Around Lockhart: Hot weather and green hair

Last week I told you that Stephanie’s Southern Chick Tanning Salon will be staying open by appointment only, and now I have a phone number for you: 803-280-9257, this is located on Jonesville-Lockhart Highway.

Lawnmower Problem

Don’t forget to visit Shawn and Terry at Kedrick’s, for your lawn equipment, also on Jonesville-Lockhart Highway going towards Jonesville from Lockhart. Chuck frequents quite often. Matter of fact, I told him that they called from the Town Hall and said the lawnmower wasn’t running right. He just returned it the other day from servicing it and found nothing wrong. So he picked it back up, checked it out and started to call Shawn to also check it out to see what he might have missed, when I called him and told him the guys at Town Hall discovered it was just out of gas. That took some teasing.

Hot Weather Memory

All this hot weather today started a few of us talking about life before air conditioning. Of course, being raised in the North, we didn’t have it as hot as you. We did have window fans though to bring in the nice cool air from outside. But my first trip here was in July or August many years ago.

We slept with the window open, but the fan was at the foot of the bed, because if the fan went in the window it would be scorching weather. Well, I heard animals outside the window and my husband told me it was bobcats, so I worried all night they might get in and get us. In the morning I found out it was just horses in the field next door. I think everyone had a good time teasing this Yankee.

Remember In Prayer

Larry Gene Cabiness had a serious episode with his heart the other day — I heard it was a stroke — and was unable to talk and move one side of his body. I haven’t heard how he’s doing today, my news came Sunday. And this happened Friday. Please pray that Larry Gene gets better.

Still have Regina Denton in your prayers. Audrey Vinson is doing Chemo, so please pray for her health. I ran into her and Julie Comer at the fish camp Saturday and she said she didn’t have an appetite, so Julie was going to make her eat something great.

Also At The Fish Camp

While there, we saw Deloris and Charles Farr, Charles was doing his best to convince us to pay his bill. Billy Gault, and his friends were getting nourishment so they could head to the lake for fishing. also.


Ethan and Victoria Turner finally had a baby boy, Sterling, 5 lbs. 13 oz. and Becky Gilgriest showed me her engagement ring, Sunday. Debbie is no longer at the post office and I know we all will miss her.

Green Hair

Tammy thought Toby Dale was just kidding with her when he told her her hair was green, and I mean green (not from a bottle), from the pool. So I told her to put baking soda in her shampoo and also make a baking soda and water rinse. and also wet your hair before swimming, all this will help with green.

Internet Problems

Our internet keeps going out, and so I don’t know when you’ll get to read this.

Okay, the net just came back on so I must say good night, maybe next week will be better. Call me at 864-545-6652.