Emotional Veterans Day program

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

I was so carried away with the Veterans Day performance that I forgot what day it was until I started to bed. Oh no!! It’s Wednesday and I forgot it was the day that I usually write this letter. So it didn’t make it Friday, but I wanted you all to know I remembered you all now.

Emotional Program

I loved the enthusiasm in all the school children watching the parade and waving their flags, and waving at us (in the parade). Ailene and I represented Lockhart. Jantzen Childers outdid himself in giving us a wonderful, emotional program. The honorary Grand Marshals this year were the World War II veterans. A group from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office put on a program for “The Fallen Soldiers.” It was such an emotional program. I wish all of you were there with us.

Grand Marshals

The Lockhart Girls Volleyball Team will be the Grand Marshals at our Lockhart Christmas Parade. We are very proud of their winnings. Come out on Sunday, Dec.6 at 3 p.m. to see the Banner and Trophy they won. It’s been along time since a trophy has been added to the school’s trophy case.


Please feel like you’d like to make a float for the parade. The winning plaques are for original, best theme and my mind just went blank, but there is another title. Vendors are welcome also.

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights will be put up soon, and if you wonder why they are not on all the street corners, it’s because we haven’t had much in donations for the Festival of Lights. Our light bill is usually around $2,000 for the 2 months for lighting up the town. We didn’t have enough money for new light bulbs for replacement in our decorations.

Memorial Angels

If you want a Memorial Angel call Brenda at the Town Hall. The new ones are $20 and the annual fee is $10. The number is 864-545-2103.

Bridge Project

Ailene and I talked to Mike Anthony before the Veterans Parade about the bridge project. He said that he and Harvey Peeler have been working on this for us. The Town of Lockhart needed $300,000 before it could get started. Mike made his pitch for our little poor town at a meeting in Columbia while they were discussing rural areas, and he used us as an example.

So now if I heard right we don’t have to get a loan to get this, which will save all of the town with higher utility bills to pay it back. Mike’s coming up for re-election and if he is here to help us, then we need to keep him in office. Remember this when you go to the polls.

Haircut Vs. Shave

A man asked the barber, “How much for a haircut?” “Twenty dollars,” said the barber. “And how much for a shave?” “Twelve dollars.” “Okay, then, shave my head.”

Grounds For Divorce?

On a rural road, a state trooper pulled over a driver and said, “Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car two miles back?”

The man replied, “Thank goodness! I thought I had gone deaf!”

Hospice Christmas

Well I’ll say good night and hope some of my news gave you something to think about. Please call me at 864-545-6652.

Oh, and I’m still collecting for my Hospice Christmas. Last week Buster Hefner brought me four great blankets from him and Hilda in honor of Regina Denton, and then Jaxon brought me a couple of blankets at the end of the week. Thank you all of you for your help. I’m hoping to turn these gifts in by Dec. 1.

We appreciate all of your help. And it will mean so much to the patrons of the nursing homes and retirement centers. Some of these seniors don’t have anyone to remember them at Christmas, so this will let them know that they are not forgotten and loved.

Thank you again. Good night.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist