Christmas Parade marshall chosen

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Well another week and another Christmas meeting this last Monday. This time it was just Barry, Jeannie Belue, Ailene, and myself.

We voted on the Parade Marshall, but I have to wait for Jeannie to contact the Parade Marshall and make it official (if they want to do it) and then she was so supposed to call me so I could tell you, but now you all have to wait until next week. So in the meantime think about a float.

The awards will go to “Original,” “Attractive,” and “Best Theme.” The awards will be handed out at The Festival of Lights, held at The Lockhart Baptist Church next to the Town Hall. Vendors are welcomed to set up and start coming around 1 p.m.

Beauty Pageant

This Saturday (today) Lockhart Middle School’s Science Class (Ms. Sarah Jones) will hold the annual beauty pageant. Come and support them and applaud for your favorites. The winners are always in the parade.

Community Watch

We will probably invite Master Sgt. Wendy Childers to come and speak at our next town meeting. She will put us a program together to get us started with the Community Watch. This will be held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Everyone is welcome.

Water Tower

I don’t think they even thought that they could have fallen to their death by standing on the water tower. Whoever, kicked the light off of it. That is so scary. I know they thought they were having fun, but bad things happen before you know it. You were just lucky this time.

Ditches Overflow

A lot of you complained with your ditches filling up with all the rain we had this week. The rain was coming down faster then the drains could run it off. I had a swimming pool in my back yard and all under the trailer. I’ve had the yard filled in twice through the years and the water still gathers there, about a foot deep. So you are not alone.

Carolina Christmas

Caroline Christmas will be held on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. at The Family Life Center on Armory Road.

Alzheimer’s Walk

Union County Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk will meet at 11:30 Saturday morning, Nov. 7, at Grace United Methodist Church parking lot. The walk will begin at the church and continue at the Union County Court House and back to the church. Everyone is welcome.


Graham Vlock is having a birthday on the 9th of November. Also Happy Birthday to Tyler Shugart on the 9th. Bud Braddock on the 11th. Angie Cabiness and Madison Knox on the 12th. Macie Gregory on the 13th and Louise McCutcheon on the 14th.


Happy Anniversary to Joey and Gina Harris on the 5th. On the 13th are Richard and Vickie Gregory and Lee and Heather Thomason. On the 15th is Adam and Leah Parkins.


Some people say, “Never let them see you cry.” I say, if you’re so mad you could just cry, then cry.It terrifies everyone.

Morning Prayer

“Lord,” came the prayer, “so far today, so good. I haven’t sworn, stolen anything, boasted, gotten angry at anyone, or even had any evil thoughts. “But now comes the test, and I implore your help. I have to get up and go to work…”

Well, until next week. Oh, don’t forget the Veterans Day Parade on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. Ailene and I will see you there. Goodnight and call at 545-6652.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist