Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Birthday, sympathy, local events

Hello everyone, lots of news to share, so lets do our birthday wishes and talk about whats happening in The Whitty.


Here are the names that Gottrocks texted in.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Jolene S.Postal,Craig Erskine,Charlie Wilbanks, Kim Shields, Jeanne McCarley, Tommy “Mr.Shag Dance” King, Shane Harris, Ken Knight, David Andrews Jr.,Mindie Sue Jennings, Becky Ellison, Debbie Bruce, Dan”Elmore” Miller, Timmy Hueble, Dianne Beach,Dona Millyard and Elyssa Parnell.

Many Happy Birthday Wishes Elyssa and thank you for keeping The Whitty in the news!


On a sad note,we send our best wishes and sympathies to the families of Mr. C.L. Johnson.

Local Events

The Whitmire Memorial Library is hosting its summer reading programs. The sign up days are now, and the themes: “Every Hero Has A Story” for kids; the adult Theme: “Escape The Ordinary.”

Reading is fun, and the youngsters will have rewards, refreshments, arts, crafts ,a chance to meet some of the everyday heroes in our lives. The adult program will feature a drawing for a door prize on July 18. Be sure to call the library staff at 803-694-3961 or visit the library’s Facebook page to see great animated and real photographs.

Last weekend, June 5 & 6 “49 Mile Yard Sale” was a successful event. Folks looking for bargains came to The Whitty from towns and cities like Lancaster, Charlotte, Clover, Rock Hill, Union, Jonesville, Chester, Newberry, Greenville, Spartanburg, Jonesville and more. The sale stretched all the way to Chester via Hwy 72, and it was a beautiful two days of sales and meeting folks enroute to and from the Whitty. A Big Thank You to The Whitmire Economic Development Board and the volunteers from The City Of Chester David and Elizabeth Claytor.

Academic Signings

Good things happening at WCS The academic signing days, for students who plan to attend college in the fall. This is a great idea, sports signings have always received news, now it’s time to publish the academic side of the honors. Maybe we can one day have a music and art signing day for kids going to college on a music and arts scholarship. Congratulations to Darrius Gilliam and Nathan Baxley, both young men were Boys State attendees.


Congratulations to our Recreation Department’s 9-12 Year Old Girls Softball and The Boys Ozone teams. All teams and coaches are to be commended for a great season but these young ladies went 6-0 in their season. I say Go Girl Power!


I also want to send a BIG Thank You to Our Recreation Department Committee members Chrystal Harsha, Debbie Harris and Galen Roche who put a lot of time in at the field, on the phone and taking care of the concession stands. Our volunteer coaches are serious about their players. Thank you to all of our volunteer coaches for giving your time and energies to mentor and coach the children and young folks.

Community Garden

Thank you to E.J.Riuz for coordinating the community garden in The Whity. EJ is a agriculture and science student at Piedmont Tech, and he worked with folks to get the garden started. Not only will the garden produce healthy food, but will beautify the area too.

Allrighty readers, times up and Garabund The Deadline Fairy is threatening me with a keyboard slam. I am already coughing his wing dust now.

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