A Community Watch in Lockhart

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

What a turn-out Tuesday night for our town meeting!! The room was full of concerned citizens wanting to hear what Sheriff Taylor had to say about Community Watch.

We are having so much crime and vandalism in our little town that the citizens are tired of it and want to do something about it. So Ailene will be calling a meeting soon and Sgt. Wendy Childers will be instructing us in how to get this started.

All of our news media came out, also. The radio station, Union Daily Times and The Union County News. When Casey Watkins came in, he told us that he heard about the meeting on WSPA channel 7. Sheriff Taylor was very informative with his presentation.

Christmas Parade

We had another meeting for our Christmas parade, Monday. Well we have a meeting every Monday at 10. And so I will be telling you this every week. The reason for it is to keep you in mind of making a float for the parade.

I got a call from Heather, the Girl Scout Leader in Lockhart, they are going to make a float for the parade, yeah! Do we have any other troops — Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts — that want to make one also? We are contacting all the churches in our surrounding area to see if they want to participate, also. What about shrine clubs, dance schools, businesses, etc.??

The parade is the first Sunday, Dec. 6, at 3 p.m. And don’t forget the Festival of Lights afterwards. That’s when we present the plaques for the floats. I’ll let you know the themes next week.

Wonderful Surprise

I had a wonderful surprise Monday at Walmart. I was at the return desk and Ginger McKnight came up and handed three throws that she just purchased for my Medi Home Hospice Christmas, in honor of our friend Regina Denton. Regina has been such a big help since I started the Christmas gifts, and she is battling cancer and even though she doesn’t feel up to par, she still sent me a card and gift to fill my box.

So if Regina is a friend of yours or you don’t know her but want to help, we are trying to have afghans or throws for the seniors on their list. Or if you want to give something else that’s ok also. Call me at 864-545-6652. Thanks.


This weekend is Halloween, so go out and have some good clean fun. The churches are having parties and hay rides. Mt Pleasant Church is having a party and hay ride and food starting at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Roy Parkins told me about it. Wesley Chapel will be having theirs on Saturday at 6 p.m. (I believe that’s what I read on their sign).


Warning! A friend of mine called the other day all excited that she had won $150,000 from Facebook. And she said someone else I knew won according to her information. I told her that FB does not give money away, and I knew for a fact this other person never won. She has had her FB page changed many times from someone telling others she won. My friend started giving almost all of her personal information to this person.

If you remember I was approached some time back saying I won $500,000. And it showed everyone else who won. Only she didn’t know that I knew these people and contacted each one of them. A scam!! I asked FB if they had a lottery and they said they do not give money away. They investigated. She wanted to know everything about me, but I told her I would get back with her because I had a doctor’s appointment.

If I hadn’t called my friend back when she was on my machine, she was ready to fall hard for this. Oh and they wanted her to send $500. Now if you win money you do not have to send money.

This should have been reported to the police. So if you are contacted like this do not give any information of yours over the phone.

Happy Birthday

I see that Marty Reardon and his sister Michelle Brock share a birthday on Oct. 28. So happy belated birthday.

Missing Telephone

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that this week I lost the telephone at the shop. I went in on Monday morning and noticed the phone was not in the cradle. I searched in drawers, cabinets, different rooms, laundry, etc. I went home and looked in my carry-all bag to see if it was there.

Finally, I took the phone from home to the shop and rang my phone, I heard it ringing, and put my ear to a lot of places including the trash can. It was on a shelf above the trash. Yeah! I thought I was going to have to buy a new phone.

The Price Of Happiness

God decided it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, so the Lord visited the man to say, “Adam, I have a plan to fulfill your every need. I’m going to make you happy with a companion who is beautiful and faithful, who will make you feel wonderful every day of your life.”

Adam was amazed at the thought. “That sounds great, Lord!”

“I should warn you, though, “God replied, “it won’t come cheaply. This will cost you an arm and a leg.”

“That much?” Adam responded. “What could I get for a rib?”

Well so much for this week, let’s see what this next week brings. Call me at 864-545-6652 and good night.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist