Bernice is back at Lockhart Cafe

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

BERNICE IS BACK — she is back cooking dinners at the Lockhart Cafe. She is having her daily dinners again, 1 meat and 3 vegetables for $5.50. Only she says you may choose 1 of 3 meats, and she is cooking around 6 vegetables, so there is more to choose from. She is bringing me a menu each day so my customers can see what she is offering. Or call to find out.

Christmas Parade

Well, we had another Lockhart Christmas Parade meeting, and as usual there were only our usual five. But if you are interested in joining us we will be happy.

The Chester Hilarity Club will be putting in their classic cars again this year. What do you want to put in for your float? I hope you are thinking of doing one. Vendors are welcome. We are looking for anyone that wants to help direct traffic.

If interested please call me at 864-545-6652.

Memorial Angels

If you want to have a memorial angel put up, the cost is $20 for the first year and $10 each year after that. Call Brenda at the Town Hall at 864-545-2103.

Also, if you want to contribute to the Festival of Lights you can also contact Brenda. That money helps to buy and maintain the pretty street lights we put up on each corner, and replace lights in the wire decorations and tree lights.

We also hold a Festival of Lights ceremony after the parade, with music and recognition. It’s been held in Lockhart First Baptist Church. This and the parade will be on Dec. 6 at 3 p.m.


Sympathy goes to Audrey Boler and family for the loss of her mother, Essie Vinson. And please add Audrey to your prayers.

My sympathy goes to Nancy Lawson, and family for the loss of Greasy — Robert Earl Lawson. His funeral was Sunday. He is the person who talked me into being on council. Every time I cut his hair, he would always tell me that’s what I needed to do. I always told him I didn’t have the time.

Well, after several years I took him up on it and it does take up a lot of time. It’s worth it. While we were on council together, whatever came up that required money, he would always say, “We don’t have it.” After he left council, I started saying it. Oh no!! Greasy rubbed off on me!! Greasy was fun.


Oh no! I see that Patsy Cromer had a birthday on the 18th of October, Shirley Cromer on the 22nd, Jill Scarborough on the 23rd, Paul Rash on the 26th, Cole Belue, and Nikki Brawley on the 27th. Happy Birthday to all of you.


There was frost on my car this morning (Tuesday). I sure was glad I brought my plants in last night. I am so good at killing plants in the house from neglect. But I put them all out on a table on my patio when spring started and they all multiplied. I took four plants out and brought in nine. Well I had to divide and replant. We will see if they live until spring.


Well Chuck still hasn’t gotten a deer. I’ll take that back, he gets plenty on his camera, but I told him he needs to use a gun.

I buy hunting books and keep them at the shop, thinking it will help the guys to learn something about hunting, but all they seem interested in looking at are those 4 wheel things that cost a lot.


Hope you all had fun at the fair. Chuck forgot all about it, until 11:45 p.m. and he said do you want to go. OMG it’s over with at midnight. So he missed talking to all of his friends at the fair this year.

I told the twins (Darlene and Marlene) at Dollar General that we usually go and I wave at my friends and he stops and talks to his for about an hour at a time. Well, we’ve only done it the last two years. I believe he always worked on that Saturday night. Maybe I will see you next year.


A newly married couple was having their first fight. Both husband and wife were red-faced and yelling. After a while the husband shouted, “When we got married, you promised to love, honor, and obey me!”

“I know I did, but I didn’t mean it!” she yelled in return. “What was I supposed to say? Did you want me to start an argument in front of all those people?”

Medi Home

Hospice Box

I really appreciate the friends that have added to my Medi Home Hospice box for Christmas gifts for the seniors. It’s not too late to bring something for it. Thanks so much. Everything is welcome.

I was trying to see how many throws I could get as a dedication for Regina Denton, who was a big contributor to my boxes in the past. Word search books and lotions, shampoos, bath items, powder, jewelry, hats gloves, coloring books and crayons, kleenex, purses, stuff toys, etc.

The Meaning Of Service

A young man stood staring at a large plaque hanging on the wall of the church foyer. When the minister approached him, the young man asked, “Sir, what is this?”

“Those are the names of the men who died in the service,” the pastor replied.

The two stood quietly before the plaque for a moment. Then the young man broke the silence, “Which service? The 8:30 or the 10:30?”

OK, I’m through. So goodnight and you can call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist