News Around Lockhart: Continue shopping at Kedrick’s

There’s been rumors that Kedrick Garner’s business has closed. The Union Power and Equipment Business, better known as Kedrick’s, at 1035 Jonesville Lockhart Hwy, has not closed. Shawn and Terry are there to help you to pick out weed eaters, lawn mowers, chain saws, and anything else they always sell.

The Garners need your prayers to help them heal and give them the strength they need in these sad times. They have lost two sons just in this year. Please don’t close their business down, continue using them. I know at Lockhart Town Hall, we purchase our lawn equipment from them.

Appointments Only

The Southern Chick tanning at 4719 Jonesville Lockhart Hwy, in Lockhart will not be closing, but will go by appointments only. I don’t have a phone number for you yet, but she might have it on the door.

I thought it was great for a tanning place to open up there again, even though I don’t tan in one. But my customers love it.

When you open a new business, it really helps to have the support of the community and that’s what Stephanie needs at this time. She also sells all kinds of jewelry, including bullet jewelry, and some clothing.

Summer Program

Lockhart School is having a summer program for children, grades 3rd to 6th. It might be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (I’m not very helpful on time), but I know they serve breakfast and lunch. Someone told me that a bus will even pick them up.

They went on a field trip Monday to the Union Library. They will be doing more trips and making crafts.

When I was in elementary school we also had crafts and games at school in the summer. It was always something to look forward to, because summers without your friends can become boring.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for Regina Denton, she is in room #608 at Spartanburg Regional Hospital. Her son, David, told me today that she has double pneumonia and cancer in both lungs. She really is a sweetheart who always thinks of others.

Anita told me that Donna Massey was in the hospital, please put her on your prayer list also. With Donna being sick, Wesley Chapel’s Vacation Bible School will be canceled, June 14-17 until a later date. I’ll keep you posted.

Sermons At Two Churches

June 21, Todd Palmer will be doing the sermons at Wesley Chapel at 9:30 a.m. and Lockhart Methodist at 11 a.m. I know he’ll do an excellent job. Give him your support and listen to him.

Having Babies

Ethan and Victoria Turner will be having a little boy in June. He is stationed in Ohio. I met Victoria the other day and she is charming and friendly. Best of luck to them both.

Anita and Marvin Montgomery are going to be grandparents in October. Daughter Monica and hubby Rob are expecting a girl. Yeah!! I think they need to name her Roberta, they can call her Bobbie. That way Marvin won’t get mixed up. You see all three of his girls married Roberts. Brandie has Robert. Jessica has Robbie and then Monica’s, Rob. I love it.

Weighty Answer

“Pardon me” said the young man.

I looked up from behind my desk at the library.

“How do I get on the computer?”

“Just tell us your name and wait,” I answered.

“Okay, it’s John,” he said, “125 pounds.”

My Day Off

This is what I did on my day off, up and dressed at 7 a.m., while washing a load of clothes I cleaned the bathroom. Put in second load and dried the first while feeding my animals and cleaning the shop.

Then I went outside and picked up about 1,000 rocks at the side of my house and trashy boards and junk that men think they will use later and forget about for about for 15 years. Things like vinyl siding all muddy, rotten boards, pipes, chairs. whatever.

So I washed four loads of clothes, cleaned rocks, cut grass and weed-eat all the while Chuck watched me and made fun of my sweat beads or whatever the dirt collecting on me was. I finished up around 8:30 p.m.(outside).

Oh Chuck finally threw a few rocks on my new rock garden that I made because what do you do with that many rocks. See I believe they blasted a hole in the ground to put my house in, and if you look at my yard, rather hill, that’s all it’s made up of-ROCK!!!

OK, I did ask Chuck to rake the mess into my shovel, after he stood there watching me struggle to do both at the same time and he did load all this trash into the back of his truck, and I refused to go help unload it at the recycling place. He’s a lot of help.

Well I know he is sick right now, so I can’t demand much, but you just wait til they find out what’s wrong with him.

Pet Question

For years, my family has kept a stray dog as our pet.

One day, when my dad’s friend came to visit, he asked my sister, “What is that mangy dog doing here?”

Offended, my sister replied,” He’s our pet dog and he’s like a member of the family.”

Surprised, my dad’s friend then asked, “Oh! Which one?”

Well I guess this is enough so I will close and say good night, please call at 864-545-6652.