Lockhart Christmas Parade Dec. 6

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Well, we’re getting a late start, but at least we are going to have our annual Christmas Parade.

We were getting worried, and personally I thought this would be our first year of not having one. But Barry decided he would manage us again this year. We always need a strong leader with connections. Anyway, the first meeting will be Monday, in the morning. I hope some of you would like to join our team.

Please call me at 545-6652. December 6, the first Sunday, as usual, will be the parade.

Now we need to recruit people to make floats and be in our parade. And of course we should be having a contest of the floats.

New Roof

I have a new roof on my beauty shop, and it’s green.

During all the heavy rain in the last week, my roof has poured inside of my place. When I had the sealant put on a few weeks ago, somehow I ended up with holes in the top of my place. I really had a mess inside, but thanks to a couple of nephews they put a new roof on for me Tuesday.

Gina asked why green? I like green. She said that then I would always have to paint my trailer green. But if I picked blue, then the trailer would have to be blue, red would have to be pink, and black would have to be white. So green is peaceful. As long as it’s not lime. My most unfavorite color. My birthday is in August and the birthstone is lime color, every other month’s is a pretty gem. Not August.

Remember In Prayer

Prayers are needed for my neighbors, Dee and Linda Watts. Pray for Regina Denton, Doc Young, Beany Inman, Audrey Boler, Paul and Yvonne Rash. We need to pray for the people that have been flooded in our state.

Back From The Bahamas

Carolyn, Christy, Jessie Edwards, and cousin Dawn just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas, Can’t wait to hear the details. Carolyn said they had a ball. I asked her about the hurricane weather, and she said they just had some strong waves one day and the ship rocked a bit, but they loved it.

A Visit To Ohio

Laura Dabbs left her family home and is visiting friends in Ohio. They have been friends since Olan was in the service many years ago. I think it’s great to have friends that long. She will also get to see her great-grandson while there. He belongs to Ethan Turner.


Happy Birthday to Dennis Farr and Catherine M. Childers on the 11th. Patti Turner and Raina Smith have one on the 12th. On the 14th is Angie Porter. Leslie McMurray and Kay Revels share the 15th. Lynn Williams and Lora Fielder on the 16th.


Happy Anniversary to Tim and Debbie Sanders on the 10th. Ronnie and Caroline Thomason on the 11th, Clayton and Katie Smith on the 13th.


Don’t forget the Revival on Sunday, Oct. 11 at the First Baptist Church of Lockhart. It will last through Wed. Oct. 14. It will be at 7 p.m. each night. Dr. Timothy Sims will be the speaker.

County Fair

Don’t forget that the County Fair starts Oct 13.

Pleasant Rumor

I heard a rumor that Debbie may be coming back to the Post Office. I heard that they may give her a test and if she passes it we will get her back. Thanks to all who signed the petition. Hope we have helped. I know we sure need her.

Quite An Incentive

Many employers motivate workers with bonuses. Some offer gym memberships. A few even supply day care for their working mothers and fathers. Our bosses go a step further. A sign posted in our break room read: “New Incentive Plan…Work or Get Fired!”

Well good night, and call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist