Birthdays and a new baby girl

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Happy Birthday to Tanner Gibson from Nana, Papa, and Nanny, on the 29th of September. Happy Birthday also to Caroline Thomason and Josh Comer, on the 1st of October; Abby Queen on the 4th; Vernon Stepp on the 5th; Christopher Porter on the 7th; and Jay Reardon on the 10th.


Lynn and Jay Williams will have an anniversary on Oct. 6.


First Baptist Church of Lockhart will be having a revival on October 11 through October 14. Dr. Timothy Sims from Bethel Baptist Church in Shelby, NC will be the speaker.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for Guyneta Brannon, who has had open heart surgery. Betty Burns and Joe. Regina Denton, Doc Young, Paul and Yvonne Rash, pray for Preston McCutchson’s family.


My sympathy goes out to Dr. Fielder’s family. He passed away Sunday. Funeral was Wednesday, everybody loved Dr. Fielder.

Poor Man’s Supper

Wesley Chapel Methodist Church will be having a Poor Man’s Supper on October 7 at 5:30 p.m. They will be serving pinto beans, stewed potatoes, slaw and cornbread. They will have a guest singer.

New Baby

Monica and Rob Shad (Montgomery) had their baby girl last week and named her Elizabeth Clair. Well you can spell Clare different and I don’t know which is right. Anyway, congrats.

Roof Needs Replacing

OK, let’s get on with my life this week. Nothing major happened to me for a change.

Monday I spent half a day at the Dodge place in Spartanburg. There was a recall on the air bags and computer switch so they changed them out.

Then I came home and carried a 10 foot ladder across the street and tried real hard to get it in the air so I could climb it. I have a major leak, and needed to get it covered with all this rain we’ve had. So if you rode by and saw this crazy woman up on the roof, it was me.

I walked in the back room of my shop and the rain was pouring in. At first I noticed the floor, tables and suitcases were wet and I thought surely my cat didn’t, well you know, that much. Then I noticed it pouring out of the ceiling. So when I got up on the roof I noticed that something had broken through my metal roof. Now this is an old trailer and you just can’t walk on it. Anyway, now I have to have the roof replaced.

Well that’s my news this week. Every week it’s something happening in my life.

Differing Points Of View

A police officer stopped a speeding motorist.

“What’s the problem, sir?” she asked.

“You were traveling eighty miles per hour,” answered the officer.

“Oh no, that can’t be,” replied the woman. “I haven’t even been driving an hour.”

More Powerful Than Monarchs

“We’ve been learning how powerful the kings and queens were in Bible times,” a Sunday school teacher told her class, “But there is a higher power, Who can tell me what that is?”

One boy shrugged, “Aces?”

Well, it’s time to say good night, and you can call me if you think of any news you want put in the paper. 1-864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist