Getting nothing accomplished

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Labor Day is supposed to be a day to appreciate all the work you’ve done all year,. Well that’s something I read in the Parade in Sunday’s paper.

Also on that day it would be good to have a big project. As I do on my once a month day off, I always plan a big, all day work day, like cleaning out sheds, attics, cars, just to think of some. So, after running errands in Union, I came home to clean out the closet in my bedroom.

While taking in my Walmart buys, who pulls up but Chuck. So, after putting things away, I go out on the back porch to visit with him, instead of cleaning. I know I need to be doing something productive so I ask him if he wants to go with me to put gas in the car. I had to go in the house to get my keys to the car and guess what?! I’ve locked myself out of the house, so we sit on the deck for an hour and a half, in over 80 degrees. By the time Gina got home, I completely accomplished nothing.

I also needed to paint the back of my shop. That didn’t get done either. I had my shop pressure washed and it took half of the paint off my place. Now it’s white and green spotted. I guess it has to wait until I get another day off. Unless someone visits again.


My sympathy goes out to Timmy Porter’s family, wife Amy and Mandie Sweat, his cousin-sister. I say that because they were raised by their grandmother, Willie. Timmy passed away this last week with his heart. Daltin told me that a memorial service will be Saturday, I really don’t know the time. But Mandie can tell you. Timmy always called me Aunt Connie, and I felt the love of their family.

Good Food

Chuck and I went to Chester Shrine Club, Saturday. Everybody else in the group went camping, so we were on our own. I know I’ve told you in the past, that on the first Saturday of the month, they have steak dinners. It’s steak, or hamburger steaks, and I also noticed that the kids had hamburgers. Baked potatoes or french fries, and a great salad bar. The steak dinners are $15 and everybody is welcomed. I heard that this is the way they pay their bills there. The food is always good.


Mandie Lancaster and David Campbell were married last weekend on an island in North Carolina. Lots of family and friends joined in the happy occasion. Tammy gave me the details since she and Toby Dale were part of the guests list.

Thank You

One thing I want to share with you, is to tell you about how kind and thoughtful the young man is that runs the Union County Animal Control. I am ashamed to tell that I don’t know his name, but I know you’ve seen him all around the county.

Well anyway, he was in the neighborhood one day and I asked him about transporting a neighbors’ dog that was too big for the owner to handle, to be taken to the vets. He was so nice and came on Thursday to take the dog, and beside shots, nails and flea treatment, the young man made arrangements to have the dog fixed for this family. He brought him home on Saturday, probably his day off. Thank you to a really nice citizen.

Remarkable Men

My twin uncles are having their 90th birthday on Sept. 9. But I forgot the date so I called my Uncle Fred and asked him when Uncle Bill’s birthday was. They’re the twins.

Uncle Fred said that my cousin was planning a surprise party for them on Sunday. But he said he overheard everyone talking about it so that’s how he found out. So I tease him about the surprise.

I really wish I could join them but a 12 hour drive for just the weekend is a little too much.

These men are remarkable, and not just because they are my uncles. They still play golf on a league two days a week and bowl on a league twice a week. Help remodel family houses, does a lot of wood working, and of course reading books. That’s a family tradition.

They came down here to visit a couple times a year while my dad was alive. So last year I went home and had a great visit after 30 years of being away, and we have a lot of phone calls.

How To Get To Heaven

The pastor was just ending his children’s sermon about heaven. After he prayed, he asked, “So, kids, where do you want to go?”

“Heaven!!” the kids yelled.

“And what do you have to be to get there?” asked the pastor.

“Dead!” shouted a little boy.

Well, It’s time to say good night, hope I didn’t bore you. You can call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist