‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God’

By: By Rev. Cathleen Cathcart - Contributing Columnist

Distraction is something we all struggle with in many areas of life. Our focus gets diverted from chores at home, errands we need to run, relationships we have good intentions of working on, and even our prayer time or daily devotion. It’s a constant battle.

What do we do to keep our attention on what we need to accomplish? How do we stay focused in the areas that need our attention when our thoughts are diverted so easily in this hectic world? Well… let’s look to what Jesus said in Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Jesus had been teaching about worry. He wants us to consider the lilies that grow wild in the fields and the birds in the air. No man takes care of them, yet they grow, are beautiful, and even reproduce. If our heavenly Father sees them and cares for them, how much more of His attention is on us? He sent His Son to die for us, his children, not the birds and flowers. We must be careful not to become distracted from this!

He wants to take care of us. We need to let Him! If we will seek Him first, the other things in life will fall into place. Instead, we are guilty of trying to get everything else caught up, then we will have time for the Lord, but that’s not what He instructed us to do. If I concentrate on Him, and live according to His Word (loving others, tithe/give to the needy, forgive, have faith) then, He will take care of everything else!

We don’t need to make a list and prioritize everything in our life… we just need to make Him our priority! When He’s first, then the other areas find their proper place. People, objects, goals, and other desires all compete for priority. But Jesus said “all these things” will be given to us when we put Him first. He wants us to realize “these things” are every necessity in life. He will provide for us even more than what He gives to the lilies and sparrows.

Don’t be distracted and downhearted about your job, troubled relationships, doctor bills that have added up, or whatever has you concerned today. Trust Him. He wants to work in your life, but if He’s not first, there is not enough room! Don’t allow the world of crazy schedules and desire for the dollar keep you from seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I pray, “Father, forgive my lack of faith. Help me this day, as I put You first and concentrate on producing Your fruit, to be more concerned for others than myself. I know You will take care of me, I am Your child. Help me show others who don’t know You, that You love them and want to take care of them. So many are hurting and lonely because they don’t know Jesus as their Savior. Oh Lord, I must cease to be selfish by making sure I share You with someone today, in Jesus’ name, amen.”


By Rev. Cathleen Cathcart

Contributing Columnist

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.