Eating popcorn while typing

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

If there’s grease marks on this page, I just want to tell you that I’m trying to eat popcorn while I’m typing. This way I won’t have to tell you I’m hungry and eat supper at midnight. I’ve been in Spartanburg and so when I start this article it’s always late. So much of my private life.

Awkward Moment

O-my-gosh!! Let me tell you about my awkward moment.

Saturday night Chuck and I went to Spartanburg and went shopping at Walmart on the west side. Walking out, he was ahead of me with the shopping cart, so as I approached his white truck, the little truck next to us was having a hard time deciding if he was backed up enough.

Well as I saw it he had a mile left, so being the person I am, I was helping with the hand motions, like keep going and stop. Then I leaned up against the white truck waiting for Chuck to unlock the door, and I kept wondering what he was doing so when I looked around, he was about six cars down at his truck (white), just standing there wondering what I am up to. I laughed so hard and asked the other people in the little truck not to tell him what I’d done. (Like they knew us).

If I keep this up, I should be doing one stupid thing a week!!


Church of God, in Lockhart had homecoming last Sunday, and as usual Ailene went to it, and some from the First Baptist Church has really been teasing her about it, because she missed the Baptist service.

The members of Lockhart’s Presbyterian Church will start going to Mt. Tabor Presbyterian on Sundays, since their membership has fallen off. But Prayer Service will still be there on Wednesday and services on the 5th Sunday of the month will also be held in Lockhart.

The Senior Club at Wesley Chapel Methodist went to Maggie Valley last Monday and stayed until Thursday. The weather was great and they all behaved and had a great time.

Back To Work

Chuck is going back to work Monday night. After being on sick leave since May, waiting for the doctors to make up their minds what they want to do with him, which after all this time, nothing!

Well I know he’ll be glad to get back to work, he just didn’t know what to do with his time off, besides running from one doctor to another, just trying to get paperwork done and sent where it belonged. He tells everyone that I’ve been grumpy since he’s been off work, and grumpy isn’t the word. Let me just say, it’s a good thing we don’t live together, then he’d really know what grumpy is.

Roof Sealed

I saw that Roger put a seal on the roof of my shop today. I came home and found him walking on the top, mopping. I left again and went to Spartanburg, so I hope nobody had to pick him up off the lawn.

Well that’s two jobs done, pressure washing and the seal. Now three more to go. Underpinning and a longer ramp, etc. These have been a two-month project.

Hospice Box

Speaking of projects, please think about the Christmas Hospice Box. We need so many things before Thanksgiving.

Another Marriage

A man moved to a nursing home. He soon noticed that a woman was constantly staring at him. After a few days, he approached her and asked, “Ma’am, why have you been staring at me all the time?”

“You look just like my third husband,” she replied.

“Well how many times have you been married?” he asked.

She answered “twice.”

Well, I will say good night and call me at 864-545-6652.

News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist