Lockhart does not waste money

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

Bills, bills, bills, that’s what we have, don’t we? And the Town of Lockhart isn’t any different.

Since the only business we have are house rentals — three of them — and the old armory, we really don’t have much income coming in. So the rental is the only money that we can spend anyway we want. Unfortunately it has to help pay our bills. Some of our bills are:

• IRS — $6,000 a year

• Unemployment insurance — $1,200 a year

• Auditor — $4,000 a year

• Lockhart Power for reading our water meters and doing our billing — $6,600 a year

• Insurance P&C and Auto — $9,996.08 a year

• DHEC fees — $2,200 a year

• Southern Corrosion for taking care of the water tank — $6,000 a year

• Rural Water Association — $300 a year

• Union County Taxes — $3,200 a year

• Polls this year for the election in March — $550

The government gives us approximately $10,000 a year and MASC disbursement of approximately $3,000. The rent brings in about $16,000. So as you see we don’t have much to work with. You don’t want to pay for garbage pickup, and that gives us a very small amount to add to this after we pay Johnson Sanitation. Cable TV pays us a small amount for using our road for their lines. But somehow some of you think we are wasting our money.

Please feel free to come in and check the books and see that what I’ve said is true. I will also have a copy of our budget in my shop.

So Brenda holds her breath and hopes that there will be enough in the General Account to cover the bills as they come in, and if not she has the Rental Account to fall back on.

Now the water and sewage comes out of the Water Revenue Account, plus any repairs on these lines. This account cannot be used on anything not pertaining to water or sewage. That includes $90,000 a year to Brown’s Creek for testing ,chemicals, power, and sublet labor. For sewage that is $116,424 a year for Tesi plus power, repairs, sublet, and chemicals.

And none of us get paid for what we do, this is free service for the love of Lockhart.

Celebrating Chuck’s Birthday

Well, on the lighter side of my life, Feb. 28 was Chuck’s birthday, so Saturday we went out to eat, and we went to York Fish Camp, again. He said he’d go to Spartanburg, but the sun would be in his eyes, so we went opposite of the sunshine.

I waited until we were getting out of the truck to tell him that I was paying for his dinner for his birthday. Adding that I wasn’t going to tell him earlier, because he might have picked a real expensive place to eat. In that case he could pay. See how I am.

So he did enjoy a steak. And I tried green shrimp. Sounds terrible. The waitress explained they are called green, because they are caught off the coast of South Carolina and the shells have a green color. Anyway, they didn’t taste any different than regular shrimp. They were good and the steak was tender.

Then we paid Walmart a visit. I really didn’t find anything to buy. Maybe if Chuck would have gone on the other side of the store, I would have browsed more. So we ended in the hunting department.

Driving In Greenville

Gina and I went to Greenville today, Monday. It seemed so strange not to hit a lot of traffic, like we generally do when we go to St. Francis Hospital for a doctor’s appointment. But this was earlier than usual, 1:30 instead of 3:30 when people are picking up the kids from school. You barely move in Greenville at that time. She asked — Kids don’t ride the bus anymore? Not in big cities. Well we made up for it coming through after the appointment at 3:30. Move and stop, move and stop, and sit and wait.

Locks Of Love

I had a real good time at work yesterday. I ended up with 4 ponytails for Locks of Love. All were close to 10 inches. The best part that all these people from the same family were super happy with the short cuts they chose from their phones and books. I hope they got out in time to eat Japanese, that they planned for an anniversary dinner. They seemed confident they had plenty of time….

Remember In Prayer

My friend, Carolyn had a bad bout with her cancer this weekend. But with her determination, she hopes to be back on her feet this week. Pray for her, please. Yvonne and Paul Rash need prayers, also.

Promised Haircut

Last Monday, after my doctor’s appointment I finally went over to Helen Bailey’s to cut her hair. I’ve only promised Dale for the last few months. I’d take my scissors home, and then when I’d be in town (where they live now) I would remember that they were still at home. So while there I gave Helen and Gail both a haircut. And had a really nice visit with Gail. Helen is not doing too well. But I think she looked good after I finished.

Rose Bushes

I finally cut my rose bushes down, and felt really bad about it since they had new leaves on them. But you have to cut them in February otherwise they would look too leggy.

Why February? I don’t know, that’s just what I always heard. From who? I don’t know.

I had beautiful rose bushes up north,and lots of them. Every special occasion, I would get Jackson Perkins roses. I loved them. When we moved into our new home (and I know I told you this story before), I planted one at the yard light in our front yard. Every day I would go out and water it.

One day the neighbor stopped my husband and asked him a personal question. Is there something wrong with your wife? She goes out and waters the light post every day. At that, my husband informed him about my rose bush. When we moved, his wife asked if she could dig up my roses and put them in her yard. Of course. I wonder after all these years if they are still alive. I sure have a hard time here making my roses look decent.

Street Lights

Don’t forget that in March, and I don’t know the date, but Lockhart Power will be cutting off the street lights, so we will be in total darkness. You can call them and have a yard light put up. This also happened in Monarch, that’s why some areas are dark. Where you see a street light, the individual that lives there is paying to keep it on. This is not the fault of Town Hall, and not our decision. I’m telling you this in case you haven’t heard it before. I’ve had a yard light forever at the shop and plan to keep it.

Well my news is short, so I’ll say good night. Call at 864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In today’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter writes about the sources of revenue available to the Town of Lockhart and invites the residents of the town to check the town’s books.
Charles Warner | The Union Times In today’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter writes about the sources of revenue available to the Town of Lockhart and invites the residents of the town to check the town’s books.
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By Connie Porter

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