Woman found not guilty of arson

By: Staff Report

UNION COUNTY — A Gaffney woman was found not guilty this week of setting fire to a house in Buffalo that killed two dogs.

Kimbrelle Bobo Clary was charged in January 2015 by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with arson third-degree and ill-treatment of animals. The charges against Clary, whose residence at the time of her arrest was 654 White Plains Road, Gaffney, stemmed from a 2014 incident involving a house in Buffalo that was set on fire. The blaze killed two dogs that were in the house.

Clary’s case was tried this week before Judge J. Durham Cole of Spartanburg in General Sessions Court in the Main Courtroom of the Union County Courthouse. The trial began on Tuesday with Deputy Solicitor John Anthony presenting the state’s case and Public Defender Erik Delaney representing Clary.

On Thursday, the case went to the jury which later that day returned a verdict of not guilty, acquitting Clary of both charges.

The following persons pleaded guilty before Cole this week during General Sessions Court.

— Brandon Antwan Henry, 10A White Horse Road Extension, Greenville, to shoplifting (enhanced), 10 years suspended upon one year, three years probation, $150 in restitution, $857.48 in fines, and banned from Walmart.

— Erik Wesley Lawson, 235 Pea Ridge Highway, Jonesville, to attempt to possess Ephedrine while blocked, one year suspended upon 30 days, one year probation, and $1,011.98 in fines.

— Sierra Danielle Rutledge, 114 Gold Road, Jonesville, to shoplifting (enhanced), 10 years suspended upon 30 months, 30 months probation, $857.48 in fines, banned from Walmart, and to undergo inpatient drug treatment.

Also acquitted of ill-treatment of animals

Staff Report