Make Union County a working community

By: By Randall ‘Chump’ Hanvey - For The Union Times

When asked why I want to be re-elected I say, “Because I want to be a part of bringing Union County back to a working community, where local businesses thrive, and the community that cares about and are invested in one another.

I believe this can happen and that we are on that path, but it will take us all working together. I have gained experience while in office that gives me the understanding needed to help accomplish this goal. I have learned how local government works, I’ve experienced good and hard times while on council, giving me the ability to work through and handle the important issues we face.

Over the past seven years we have accomplished much with the help of others, but as a council there is more to be done. Since 2009 there have been six new industries started, 14 existing industry expansions, $340 million invested, with 954 new jobs, with more prospects on the horizon.

Unemployment has dropped from 18% to 7.3 % as of March 2016 and we are scheduled for a new medical facility in the near future. There are signs that we are moving in the right direction; however, one statistic that we must improve upon and that is our countywide population.

The decreases have not happened overnight and it will not be corrected overnight; however, we have begun taking steps to improve upon this issue, starting with our youth. Council has introduced the CSP (College Scholarship Program) which will allow any graduating student, from any Union County educational facility, with a high school diploma or equivalent, the opportunity to advance their education at one of our local colleges tuition free so long as they meet the chosen school requirements and have taken advantage of all available funding allowed to them first.

Hopefully once they further their education they will be encouraged to work and live in Union County. We have jobs available in Union County right now that pay $20-plus per hour that cannot be filled due to lack of training and failure to pass a drug test; so yes there is still work to be done.

I feel that with the council working with our local colleges and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Board we will be able to fill these positions. Once we start to get our young people interested in staying in Union, we will need more homes, restaurants, retail establishments and more.

I along with other members of county council am very determined to make these things happen. Other things I would like to see happen, if re-elected, is removal of the fees that were implemented due to the county’s assumption of EMS; passing of a one cent sales tax to help reduce property tax; recruiting more industry with high paying jobs; increase the number of local owned small businesses by providing the training and guidance needed to do so. I would like to see our senior citizens and veterans receive the care and attention that they deserve.

These are just some of the things I would like to see happen for the citizens of Union County; however, all these goals require teamwork to make them happen and I hope that the voters of District 5 will allow me the honor of continuing to be part of that team by voting for Randall “Chump” Hanvey on June 14.
Hanvey running for Union County Council District 5 seat

By Randall ‘Chump’ Hanvey

For The Union Times

Randall ‘Chump’ Hanvey is running for the Democratic nomination for Union County Council District 5 in Tuesday’s primary.

Randall ‘Chump’ Hanvey is running for the Democratic nomination for Union County Council District 5 in Tuesday’s primary.