$2.2 million in marijuana seized

Steve Nelon

Courtesy photo Officers seized marijuana plants worth over $2 million in street value from a wooded area in Union County.

Courtesy photo A total of more than 1,000 marijuana plants were seized by Union County narcotics officers.

UNION COUNTY —A two-month investigation led to the arrest of a Union man who police say had grown over $2 million worth of marijuana plants.

Union County Sheriff David Taylor reported Wednesday that Steve Allen Nelon, 59, 1402 Santuc Drive, Union, was arrested in what was called a major marijuana eradication by Union County Narcotics Investigators.

Union County Narcotics Investigators have observed a large marijuana field for approximately two months, and on July 7, they arrested Nelon, who the report states was responsible for growing the marijuana.

The report states 1,097 marijuana plants were found in a wooded area off SC 72 in Carlisle. Officers also went to Nelon’s residence and were given consent to search. There, they found 147 plants as well as two large bags of freshly bulked processed marijuana.

Sheriff Taylor stated this made the third time Nelon has been arrested for growing marijuana. Taylor said this is an ongoing battle officers face in the county. Taylor also said people are attempting to manufacture their own marijuana in rural counties, which makes the county vulnerable to other drug trafficking.

The total street value for the marijuana seized is approximately $2,248,000.

Taylor also said modern technology helped officers monitor this type of growing throughout the county once it is located. He praised the narcotics team for their hard work in this investigation.

Nelon is charged by the sheriff’s office with:

• Trafficking Marijuana more than 100 plants but less than 1,000 for the marijuana at his residence.

• Trafficking Marijuana more than 1,000 plants but less than 10 thousand plants for the marijuana off SC 72.

• Cultivating Marijuana on Lands of Another for the marijuana off SC 72.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests:

— Tammy Lynn Sanders, 34, of 107 Lanier Road, Union, was charged with distribution of a controlled substance and giving a false police report around 3:24 a.m. July 8.

— Angela Danielle Gregory, 30, of 307 Gage Ave., Union, was charged with possession of other’s medication around 3:58 a.m. July 8.

— Angela Marie Cabaniss, 27, of 110 South 6th Street, Lockhart, was charged with disorderly conduct around 11:15 p.m. July 6.

— Kristen Renee Parker, 26, of 1002 Canal Street, Lockhart, was charged with disorderly conduct around 9:43 p.m. July 6.

The Union Public Safety Department reported the following arrests:

— Walter Earl Glen Jr., 25, of 106 Woodson Drive, Union, was charged with driving under suspension and leaving the scene of an accident attended vehicle around 4:30 p.m. July 6.

— Amanda Elisa Turner, 33, of 229 Pineland Road, Union, was charged with open container and disorderly conduct around 3:40 p.m. July 7.

— Katrina Carice Wicks, 29, of 114 Horseshoe Circle, Union, was charged with false information, driving under suspension and habitual traffic offenses around 9:45 a.m. July 7. The arrest warrant states Wicks gave an officer a false name and date of birth while at the scene of a traffic accident on June 22.