Guilty pleas heard in General Sessions Court

UNION COUNTY — The following persons pleaded guilty before Judge R. Knox McMahon of Lexington during General Sessions Court in the Main Courtroom of the Union County Courthouse earlier this month:

— Janet Crisp, 100 Long Pond Court, Greer, to obtaining a controlled substance in a concurrent time period first offense, time served and fined $248.40.

— Earl Eugene Browning, 1044 Neal Shoals Road, #10, Union, to shoplifting enhanced, 90 days to be served on weekends and fined $133.90.

— Keith Duran Gist, 274 Meansville Road, Union, to violation of SC gun law, one year suspended upon six months and fined $133.90.

— Alphonso Lamont Cheek, 116 Lybrand Street, Union, to possession of crack cocaine second offense, five years suspended upon 90 days to be served on weekends and three years probation and fined $803.40.

— Kenneth Allen Puckett, 114 Westwood Lane, Pauline, to first degree criminal domestic violence, six years suspended upon five years probabation with credit for 79 days served and fined $648.90.

— Aaron Leo Depratter, 144 Haney Road, Union, to forgery, three years suspended upon 90 days and three years probation and fined $648.90 and ordered to pay $180 in restitution; to obtaining property/money by false pretense, 30 days suspended upon time served and fined $133.90; sentences to run concurrently.