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Mark Cathcart

UNION COUNTY — A Buffalo businessman and farmer says that if elected to the SC House of Representatives District 42 seat he will work to “bring Christian values to political decisions” in the state legislature.

Mark Cathcart announced earlier this month that he will seek the Republican nomination for the SC House 42 seat. This will be Cathcart’s second bid for public office.

In 2014, Cathcart was a candidate for the GOP nomination for the seat, facing off in the primary with David Tribble Jr., a former state legislator from Laurens County. Even though it was his first political race, Cathcart did well in the primary, garnering 47 percent of the vote and carrying the Union County portion of the district, but losing the Laurens County portion and the nomination to Tribble.

As the Republican nominee, Tribble went on to lose the November general to the incumbent, Democrat Mike Anthony, by a nearly two-to-one margin.

Despite his narrow loss in 2014, Cathcart is once again throwing his hat into the ring.

“Just like that time, after a lot of prayer seeking guidance, I felt called to run then and I feel called to run now,” Cathcart said.

If elected, Cathcart said his service in the legislature would be influenced by his Christian beliefs and values.

“You can expect I would not leave my Christian values on the steps of the statehouse before I go in,” Cathcart said. “That is where my slogan, ‘Christian values applied to political decisions,’ comes from. With the ongoing war against Christians in this country we need more people in political office that will stand for what’s right, not for what’s popular.”

One of the areas where Cathcart said he would apply his Christian principles to is abortion.

“I am pro-life and I have that from Jermiah 1:5,” Cathcart said.

As part of his pro-life beliefs, Cathcart said he wants to address the issues of state funding for abortion clinics, especially those operated by Planned Parenthood.

“We have three abortion clinics in this state, two of them are Planned Parenthood,” Cathcart said. “These are state-supported and that means everyone who pays taxes has a hand in that. These should defunded.”

Cathcart said that if elected, he would work to uphold the rule of law in South Carolina, particularly where it applies to the Second Amendment and illegal immigration.

“Second Amendment rights are under attack daily,” Cathcart said. “Our constitution has stood so long because of our ability to defend and protect ourselves. Without the Second Amendment all our other rights are just words on paper. I will very strongly defend our Second Amendment rights.”

Cathcart described illegal immigration as “a problem in our nation, but it is also a problem in our state. A country without borders is not a country at all. The federal government is forcing states not to enforce immigration law and that is an infringement on our state’s rights.”

In addition to infringement upon the rights of the states, Cathcart said the lack of immigration enforcement is putting South Carolina and the rest of America in danger.

“It effects all Americans’ safety,” Cathcart said. “Things don’t only happen on the other side of the world anymore, they are happening here.”

Cathcart said he also wants to address the infrastructure needs of Union County and the rest of South Carolina, but without raising taxes. He said he also wants to address the issue of taxation and regulation of business and how they stifle business growth and job creation.

“Taxes and regulations are stifling our business community,” Cathcart said. “Jobs are a continuous issue and when we create an atmosphere for business to come into our state, it helps our job situation. Taxes on business always result in job loss.

“Along these same lines our infrastructure is crumbling, our roads are in terrible shape,” he said. “The state has a $1.3 billion surplus that’s designated for new construction when our existing roads are in terrible shape. I believe we should divert that money to the repair and maintenance of our infrastructure.”

Cathcart is a Buffalo native and a Union High School graduate who attended Lander College and graduated from Clemson University with an Animal Science degree. He is a businessman, a farmer, and a pest control technician.

Cathcart is married to the Rev. Celeste N. Cathcart. They have three children, Rachel Ann, Jolee, and Kadyjean. The family attends New Life Worship where Mrs. Cathcart is pastor.

Cathcart is the second candidate to announce for the Republican nomination. The Rev. Tommy Mann announced in December his candidacy for the GOP nomination for District 42.

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By Charles Warner

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Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090 or