Man charged with criminal sexual conduct


UNION COUNTY — For the second time in less than a year a Buffalo man is being charged with having sex with a child.

In a statement released Friday, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced that investigators with his office have arrested Ty Anthony Peters, 18, 3585 Buffalo-West Springs Highway, Buffalo. He said that Peters was booked into the Union County Jail on Thursday (Feb. 18) and charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Taylor said the charge is the result of an investigation into an allegation made against Peters by the 12-year-old victim about an incident that she said occurred in July 2015.

The warrant issued at the time of Peters’ booking states that he “did commit the crime of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor in the 2nd Degree, in that he did during July of 2015 engage in a sexual battery of a 12-year-old female victim without her consent within Union County.”

This is the second such charge filed against Peters within less than a year. Taylor stated that Peters was arrested in a separate incident on Oct. 9, 2015 for Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor. He stated that Peters is still awaiting trial on that charge.

After being booked in the jail Thursday, Peters went before a Magistrate Court for a bond hearing. Taylor stated that the magistrate denied Peters bond. He said that Peters will now have to go before a Circuit Court Judge to have his bond set.

Taylor said that the investigation is continuing and asked that any other victims please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 864-429-1612.

Already awaiting trial on a similar charge