Two fall victim to work at home scams

By: Staff Report

UNION COUNTY — The Union County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about work from home scams that two people have already fall victim to.

In a statement released Monday, Sheriff David Taylor said that two incident reports have been filed with his office about the scams. The first report was filed on Jan. 7 and Taylor said the victim was lured into the scam by the promise of making good money while working from home.

“One of the victims stated that she had been hired to work with ‘Company Shopping Bag,’ as a Logistic Clerk,” Taylor said. “Her job was to work from home and wait on packages to arrive, weigh the packages, re-package and change the shipping address to a pre-mail shipping address that was mailed to the victim before packages started arriving at the victim’s home address.

“The victims are told they will be paid $2,500 per month plus $25 per package they ship out from their home,” he said. “It sounds like a great deal but you never get paid and every package that is shipped to you is purchased by someone’s stolen credit card.”

Taylor said the second incident report was filed on Jan. 13 by another victim who had fallen for a similar scam.

“This victim was hired by a package forwarding service where packages were sent to her and she was instructed to re-label the packages, and send them out to another person at another address,” Taylor said. “The victim had received seven packages but on the second day became suspicious and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. The victim thought she was involved in reputable employment and had expended resources of her own money thinking she would reimbursed.

“The victim claimed she was to receive $2,500 per month plus $25 per package that was to be shipped to another address,” he said. “All packages that she received were to be combined and sent to another address.”

Taylor said that each victim used their own money to buy boxes and tape they used to repackage and ship the items they received. He said the packages they receive contain valuable items such as cell phones and car parts while the victims gets nothing for their efforts and expense.

Taylor said that the victims of such scams are targeted because they are looking to work from home and advertise their interest on the Internet. He said scam artists use this to contact people and try and lure them into their scams.

“People are posting their applications and resumes on-line and with headhunter companies to seek employment from home and most of the time this is how our citizens are becoming victims,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the scam artists contact their victims, either by phone or email. He said if a person is contacted in either way to, first, give out no personal information, and, second, contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 864-429-1612.
Lured by the promise of being paid $2,500 a month

Staff Report

The information for this story was submitted by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The information for this story was submitted by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.